Free Write Friday – Time and place scenario

I thought I’d have a go at Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday this week. Yes, I know it’s Saturday but there’s no deadline! I’ll admit I looked at the image yesterday but I didn’t start writing anything until this evening and it’s unedited as per the instructions. It’s untitled because I couldn’t think of one! If you would like to suggest a title, please feel free to do so in the comment box below.

If you’re wondering what Free Write Friday is all about, click on the image below to head to Kellie’s blog to find out more and read the other entries from this week.

Purple smoke swirls sparkle with stardust
And moonlit lakes reflect the blue black shadows of night
The forest smells of burnt marshmallows and candy floss

I stumble accross a star studded stream
And stop to drink and rest my wings
My wings..?
I think I hear someone whispering…

I lie and listen to the almost silence
I should come here more often, I think
The grass holds me, my thoughts, my fears…
The stream does so much more than just a drink
I stretch out my arms and dive right in

The wind is still whispering ‘Shhh’
I follow the sound through the trees
until tiredness overtakes me
And I drop to my knees
The purple smoke swirls sing a strange lullaby
And I start to close my eyes…
‘Hey….’ It gently sings
As I lie down ans fold my wings
‘Hey… Hey!’
I open my eyes.
‘Sorry love, I hate to wake you when you look so peaceful and all but didn’t you say this was your stop..? You don’t wanna get caught on the last night bus!’
‘Oh, um… Yeah. Thank you.’
I stumble down the steps into the street, rubbing my eyes.
What a strange dream… As soon as I think this the memory of it starts to fade. I stand for a while, trying to recall it as moonlight puddles at my feet.
I shake the stardust from my wings and start walking.
I can still smell candy floss.

6 responses to “Free Write Friday – Time and place scenario

  1. oh my GOSH! This is a total lullaby! I can imagine this being read to children at bedtime, curled up and listening as they envision all the beautiful images you describe! ♥ I adore this!!! You lured me in with this line: “The forest smells of burnt marshmallows and candy floss” =)

    • Thank you! I like the idea of a lullaby… In fact, now that I think about it I used to tell my sister and brother something similar (but different) when they were little to help them sleep – that was deliberately hypnotic. I guess maybe that’s where the inspiration came from… Funny, I didn’t realise it as I was writing. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Absolutely delightful! Love this great job!

  3. This was very creative and outright fantastic.
    Excellent work!

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