Small Talk


We both throw words on the table
Seemingly meaningless
Reheating recent connection

An almost formed thought
Dances between us
I catch the abstract
Try to reframe it
He nods and in our own way
We both reclaim it

Her eyes don’t match her tone
Not yet
Warm words are offered and she accepts
The gentle heat will make her stronger
Once we’ve heard and held her

“I’m glad”
Sharing photos
Her smile lights her eyes
She shares more small parts
Revealing some of her soul
And we strengthen the collective whole

Her words bounce between us
Gently poking the stronger bonds
Giving permission to be more playful
A reminder that I’m grateful

This small talk
Is bigger than it looks.

7 responses to “Small Talk

  1. Lovely! This happened to me on Monday morning …. and then it was over

  2. maddy@writingbubble

    Love your poetry and you’re so right that little words can have big meanings. I imagined this as a scene between parents and teenagers. No idea if this is remotely how you imagined it. I imagine that parenting teenagers requires subtlety and patience and acceptance (She says… my boys are only little so I can say it from a safe distance!) and that’s kind of what this poem meant to me. Thanks for linking to #whatImwriting

    • So interesting what people get from this! This was a real exchange in work environment with lovely group of people just getting to know each other… But I like how it can be interpreted in different ways, and now you’ve got me thinking about parenting teenagers (Also a long way off for me!)

  3. I really love the message behind this – it is such a good poem, so subtle yet so strong. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

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