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It rained for a long time
Just over two years
Then, gradually, it stopped

The rain still comes, sometimes
I’m usually prepared
I see it coming

The puddles though
They appear out of nowhere
And their depth can still take me by surprise.



It looks like it’s snowing outside
Blossom blows past our window
And some people stay indoors, complaining
It’s getting everywhere
It’s really annoying
I sort of agree
But then there’s talk of cutting down trees…
To prevent it happening again
Because we can’t stop the wind

I go out
The tiny petals irritate my eyes and go down my throat, making me cough
But you know what?
Eventually, it dies down
Leaves everything covered in a blanket of blossom
It’s a beautiful mess.

Words are not enough | Another legend lost

There are so many words to describe Maya Angelou and yet so few feel like enough. I don’t usually post about people passing but Maya was such a big influence on me that I felt I wanted to say something.

 So, rather than say something inadequate, I’ll let Maya do the talking…

She lives on in me, you and anyone who has even been inspired by her. RIP to THE Phenonemal woman, thank you for your words.

Beautiful Misbehaviour | A virtual open mic night

Last month I went to an open mic night without leaving my house.

Stephanie Arsoska, who blogs on ‘poetry, motherhood and the mess in between’ over at Beautiful Misbehaviour,  runs a monthly virtual open mic night where everyone is invited to share their creative work. Most of those who join are poets and mums (not necessarily in that order) but you don’t have to be either! You can read more about the night here.

The night is broadcast live via Google+ Hangouts so when Stephanie first suggested I join in, I wasn’t sure. Although I share my work here and on soundcloud, I haven’t been to an open mic night in… well, a loooong time, and, as far as I know, there are no videos of me performing online. But something made me say yes.

It took a while, what with children being unpredictable I missed a couple but last month I made it! Despite some technical difficulties, and the fact that you can’t really see me – and I couldn’t always see everyone else – I enjoyed myself. Stephanie was a great host and made me feel at ease and, importantly, made me want to come back! It’s an open night, anyone can join – you just need to email Stephanie to let her know you’re interested and take it from there.

Not sure it’s for you? Watch this video of the last one. On this night, everyone else was reading each other’s work and trying to guess whose it was but as it was my first time, I read a piece of my own… If you just want to see me read my poem, ‘Muse,’ I’m at 24.14 (I’ve cut out my crap preamble for you. You’re welcome).

I didn’t like watching it back but I guess that’s a good thing… I can see what was wrong with my reading and do better next time… Because I will be doing this again!

Want to join in? It’s the last Wednesday of every month and the next is on 28 May. Go tell Steph you’re coming!

Pass it on


I saw a beautiful man today
He wasn’t much to look at
But his smile revealed his soul
And once I’d caught a glimpse
I didn’t want to let it go

I glanced back, but afraid
He might misunderstand my gaze
I kept my eyes down
Disguised my curiosity with a frown
Didn’t want him to misread my desire to understand as lust
When it was anything but

Unfazed, he returned my gaze
His eyes brimming with joy
At what I don’t know
But I got caught up in this flow
As he re-entered the crowd
Shoulders back, head bowed

Stunned by the serenity
That began to infuse me
I too started to smile
And, after a while
I noticed others responded in kind
Well, those who didn’t mind…

Others were bemused by this
And shrank back almost as though I’d moved in for a kiss
Or more…
Perhaps they were reacting to me as I had to that beautiful man, before

But there was no holding my joy behind a frown
My shoulders back, I did not drop my head down
I walked tall
Wanting to share this feeling, no longer concerned I didn’t understand
Its source or its meaning
I didn’t need to

Its purpose was clear
It’s the meaning of life
It’s why we’re all here

To share our love when it overflows
So that we have something soft to land on when drowning in woe
Those days when managing a smile is nothing short of courageous

On the days you do it without thinking…
Remember your joy can be contagious.

Pass it on.

It’s the little things…

I remember the chocolates…

This is an old poem, which was published in X magazine back in 2006 and although it first appears that the poem laments the imperfect nature of relationships (which perhaps at the time, was my intention) that’s not how I see it now.

I chose to share this poem here today as on Valentine’s Day, expectations can run high. Some people may be lucky enough to receive grand gestures – ranging from a proposal in house filled with roses to the declaration on Facebook that they are ‘in a relationship.’ However, many of us in relationships will be giving and receiving much smaller tokens, if at all. Is today important? Only if you want it to be… Like most things, it is what you make of it and let’s be honest, relationships can never be summed up with one simple gesture. A box of chocolates, however spectacular, is not representative of the bond between two people.

Heart Shaped Chocolate by Serge Bertasius Photography

Relationships are complicated. I don’t mean that in a Facebook status way (which would be a different post entirely) but in that there are so many strands and seasons over the course of each relationship that when it comes down to it, it’s really the simple things that count.

It’s the simple things

We were both at home
I was working
And you were on holiday
You thought we’d hang out
I reminded you I was working

You nodded and left the room
Spent most of the day upstairs
So as not to disturb me

But your silence seeped through the ceiling
Landed heavy on my shoulders

I stopped to make a cup of tea
Didn’t ask if you wanted one

Later, you came down
Silently, and with your hands over your eyes
Like a toddler who thinks he can’t be seen if he can’t see
You put the kettle on

You tiptoed across the kitchen and then,
Fingers wrapped around the door handle, you whispered
“Just pretend I’m not here”

The corner of your lip turned up
In a half smile

The silence slid from my shoulders.

Image Credit: Heart Shaped Chocolate by Serge Bertasius Photography at freedigitalphotos.net


I am linking up to two writing challenges this week, one new and one old one I haven’t joined for a while!

I’m joining in The Theme Game from Redpeffer for the second week (ahead of the deadline this time!).

Redpeffer The Theme Game

I’m also back in the game with the 100WCGU over at Julia’s Place. To find out more about 100WCGU and read the other entries from this week, click on the image at the end of this post.

This week’s theme is Water  and the 100WCGU prompt is …tea, coffee, hot chocolate or… so the total number of words allowed is 105.


It’s raining again.

Water drops

Image credit: Kangshutters @ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I had been trying to get some work done but the rhythmic drumming slowed my racing thoughts and I found myself staring out of the window. After a while the intensity lessened but the music played on in my head as I watched they droplets make their way down the window pane. The streetlight caught the static drops, turning them into tiny stars.

“Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or..?”

“What? I mean, pardon?”

“To drink, Mum? You ok? You were miles away…” She looked at my outstretched arm, frowning.

“I’m fine.” I smiled. Just trying to touch the stars.”

There’ll be puddles tomorrow.