Hi, I’m Rachael – also known as ‘Honest’ (why Honest?) and here’s where I write stuff that’s on my mind, mostly relating to writing, people and poetry (not necessarily in that order). In fact, my first love is poetry and this tends to be my g0-to when I feel particularly strongly about something but I as long as I’m writing, I’m happy.

Why do I write? Glad you asked…

I’m also a freelance Writer, Poet and Personal Coach.

As a writer, I’m passionate about understanding exactly what you want to say so that I can really help you to make an impact. From engaging blog posts and compelling web copy to bespoke poetry for any occasion from births to weddings, I can help you find the write words (terrible pun intended, sorry).

As a coach, I will work with you to help you break down those invisible barriers so that you can help yourself to get to where you want to be. Everyone I work with has different needs and I respond to those, offering a bespoke service that’s just right… for you.To find out more and book a free consultation, visit my website writingpeoplepoetry.com

All blog content (words and images) is © copyright Rachael Blair unless otherwise stated

18 responses to “About

  1. Hi Rachel,

    You have got. Nice blog up here. Keep penning and keep inspiring! 🙂

    I would like to thank you for following my blog. I hope my blog doesn’t disappoint you.

    Thank you again and I wish you a lovely week. Many blessings to you. 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  2. Hello Rachael,
    I hope it is not too late to wish you a wonderful New Year. May 2013 bring you more happiness, love, and success. I would like to thank you because you continue following my blog. I hope my short stories and poems do not disappoint and that your visits in there have been a joyful ride. Thank you again, many blessings and much love to you. 🙂

    Subhan Zein

    • It’s never too late! Thanks for reading and commenting, and for following my blog! Your blog is never disappointing, far from it – I find it inspirational and I look forward to reading. I hope that 2013 brings great things for you and look forward to celebrating your successes! Love and light to you too.

      • Owh, thank you so much for your kind words and for showing your interest in my work, Rachael. You are one wonderful soul.
        🙂 If you like, you may want to consider subscribing through email so you do not miss the posts. I only post 1-2 per week, so I hope they won’t inundate your inbox. Current WP subscription only allows new posts displayed in the Reader section, which means only those doing email subscription are regularly updated. If you are interested, I would be more than happy to send you a brief instruction for email subscription. Just let me know. Thank you, many blessings and much love to you. 🙂

      • Thanks for the tip Subhan! I will take a look now.

  3. confessionsofafancynerd

    Hey, we’ve nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! Check out the rules on my blog here: http://confessionsofafancynerd.wordpress.com/2013/05/08/thanks-for-the-liebster-blogging-award-and-11-more-blogs-you-should-check-out/

  4. Sweet you,

    I’ve an award for you, for the person who you are and the things you share with the world

    Thank you for that..

    Namasté, Summer

  5. Hey, I just nominated you for the Liebster Award… You can find the nomination at: http://effloresce23.wordpress.com/2014/05/05/liebster-award/


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