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Free Write Friday – Heather

Heather stirred her coffee slowly and licked the froth from her spoon. Lost in thought, she was oblivious to the bustle around her. The lunchtime rush came and went and still she sat, nursing her drink. Some time in the early afternoon, she was distracted by a customer’s loud rant. He was complaining about rancid milk which is why he caught Heather’s attention. She’d been coming here for years and not once had they served rancid milk. She wondered what he was trying to achieve. Compensation? Hardly worth it for a free coffee. Or maybe he was some kind of mystery shopper.. But would a mystery shopper use such coarse language? She supposed it was possible, after all, they must be told to try and provoke a reaction in the baristas. She was impressed by the girl’s calm manner in dealing with him. He reminded her of that DJ she’d had a fling with last summer. What was his name…? Chris? No, Craig… He worked at Salacious Sounds and she’d met him when she’d gone to buy a record for her brother. It must have been obvious she didn’t have a clue about dubstep but he was so sweet and helpful. He was gorgeous. Bit rough though, not her usual type. She’d suggested he have elocution lessons. That didn’t go down too well. Said she was a snob. Perhaps he was right. She was glad they had stayed friends but they had come back to this argument a few times since.  Heather sighed.
‘Another latte, love?’ The barista smiled down at her
‘Oh, yes please… Can I have a slice of that carrot cake as well? I’ve been eyeing it up all afternoon and I can’t leave without trying a piece!’
‘Of course. Coming right up.’
Heather looked down at her laptop. She only had three articles to write and so far she’d written about 100 words. She cursed herself for agreeing to do the piece for Spark magazine. What did she know about diodes? It was harder than she thought it would be to sound knowledgeable on the subject. The blog piece for 8-track though, would be much easier. Perhaps she should have started with that first, just to get writing. Someone had once advised her to start with the hardest piece of work first to get it out of the way. Well, that wasn’t exactly working for her today. She put her headphones on and switched to the ‘easier’ piece.

A few hours later Heather stopped. She was surprised to see a cup of cold coffee and the remains of a carrot cake on the plate beside her. She barely remembered eating it. She had written all three articles, a blog post and started on her brother’s wedding speech. She closed her laptop and smiled. She’d treat herself to a takeaway tonight. And tomorrow. She always ordered for two as she could never bring herself to say ‘yes’ when asked ‘and is that a meal for one?’ She wasn’t sure why as she enjoyed living alone. What was it her Mum used to say? ‘If you can enjoy your own company you’ll never be lonely.’ So tonight she had a date with a takeaway for two and a dvd of Hitch. ‘I might like my own company but I wouldn’t say no to a fling with Will Smith!’ she thought to herself.
‘Heading homeward?’
‘Yep. See you tomorrow!’
Heather walked slowly out of the coffee shop, hesitating outside Salacious Sounds just long enough for Craig to notice her and wave. She smiled and waved back. ‘Drink?’ he mimed, pointing at his watch to indicate he meant later, he held up his right hand, fingers spread. Heather nodded, ‘Be back at 5 then,’ she mouthed, and half jogged back to her flat. Will Smith could wait.


The above short story is my entry for this week’s Free Write Friday challenge. Having read it back, it took some effort not to edit this week’s piece! There is so much I would change and I think it would read better in the first person. But that’s not the point of the exercise so… If you enjoyed this story, please leave a comment below! Constructive criticism welcome as I may expand this one to something at some point in the future.

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100 WCGU Week #55- Don’t call me Mr Tinkle

Don’t call me Mr Tinkle
‘Mr Tinkle! What are you doing?’
‘I would have thought that obvious. Also, don’t call me Mr Tinkle. My name is Oscar. Today, you can call me Sahara.’
‘You look cute. Did you choose the purple wig because of the poem we read yesterday?’
‘The poem you read, sister. I didn’t like it. Why wait til you’re old to steal, spit and wear purple? And ‘cute’ isn’t the look I was going for. I chose the wig because the blonde one I wanted is hidden away since the litter tray incident…’
‘My baby!’
‘No, I’m not! Put me down woman!’

The above short story was inspired by this week’s 100WCGU, which was to write 100 words based on the image prompt given.

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Slashes of sunlight

Sunlight slashes bright lines
In the grey clouds
Scattered across the early morning sky.

Free Write Friday – Time and place scenario

I thought I’d have a go at Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday this week. Yes, I know it’s Saturday but there’s no deadline! I’ll admit I looked at the image yesterday but I didn’t start writing anything until this evening and it’s unedited as per the instructions. It’s untitled because I couldn’t think of one! If you would like to suggest a title, please feel free to do so in the comment box below.

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Purple smoke swirls sparkle with stardust
And moonlit lakes reflect the blue black shadows of night
The forest smells of burnt marshmallows and candy floss

I stumble accross a star studded stream
And stop to drink and rest my wings
My wings..?
I think I hear someone whispering…

I lie and listen to the almost silence
I should come here more often, I think
The grass holds me, my thoughts, my fears…
The stream does so much more than just a drink
I stretch out my arms and dive right in

The wind is still whispering ‘Shhh’
I follow the sound through the trees
until tiredness overtakes me
And I drop to my knees
The purple smoke swirls sing a strange lullaby
And I start to close my eyes…
‘Hey….’ It gently sings
As I lie down ans fold my wings
‘Hey… Hey!’
I open my eyes.
‘Sorry love, I hate to wake you when you look so peaceful and all but didn’t you say this was your stop..? You don’t wanna get caught on the last night bus!’
‘Oh, um… Yeah. Thank you.’
I stumble down the steps into the street, rubbing my eyes.
What a strange dream… As soon as I think this the memory of it starts to fade. I stand for a while, trying to recall it as moonlight puddles at my feet.
I shake the stardust from my wings and start walking.
I can still smell candy floss.

100 WCGU #53 – Seven

My entry for this week’s 10o Word Challenge for Grown Ups (100WCGU). The prompt is in bold, in the story below. This was a tough one, but I came up with something in the end! Honest feedback welcome.

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Rose studied her sister carefully. She had just asked ‘…would Seven prove to be too much?’ She knew the answer but was hoping Poppy would lie.

Poppy was looking forward to having the kids for the weekend. Fleur’s girls were lovely. Bright and affectionate, they were a dream to babysit. Rose’s eldest, Five was ok too, and he would be a big help with the girls. Even Six wasn’t so bad, really. But Seven…  ‘Honestly Rose? Yes, he will. But it’s ok. It’s only one day. You two go and enjoy your birthday.’

From behind her twin sister, Fleur signed ‘It’s going to be a looooong day.’