It looks like it’s snowing outside
Blossom blows past our window
And some people stay indoors, complaining
It’s getting everywhere
It’s really annoying
I sort of agree
But then there’s talk of cutting down trees…
To prevent it happening again
Because we can’t stop the wind

I go out
The tiny petals irritate my eyes and go down my throat, making me cough
But you know what?
Eventually, it dies down
Leaves everything covered in a blanket of blossom
It’s a beautiful mess.

8 responses to “Springstorm

  1. As lovely as it is, blossom can be a bit annoying can’t it? It never seems to last long enough and you don’t need much of a breeze and it’s all over the place!

    • Yes that’s true, I just love it though! For me it’s one of the first visible signs of spring, which is a great time of year for me… 🙂

  2. Beautiful-I love that final line especially, and are people really talking about cutting down trees to stop the blossom?

    • Thanks Iona! It was actually my first thought once I stepped outside but thought it worked better as the end of the poem… The cutting down trees line was a little artistic license based on (what I hope were) off the cuff comments about how much mess the blossom makes… Sure we’ll be hearing the same in the autumn about the leaves!

  3. maddy@writingbubble

    I love this Rachael! You have a real way with words that just states the truth while also making it beautiful and meaningful. Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting. x

  4. Beautiful poem summing up the irritation that is blossom. It’s got a real spring feel to it too. Love the chaos of a beautiful mess. x

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