Monthly Archives: November 2013

Words for your ears

I haven’t written any poetry for while as I haven’t been paying enough attention to get inspired. This is not an excuse (it would be a pretty poor one if it was), it’s just how it is. I’ve been concentrating on my family, my work and writing a little bit (a tiny, minuscule bit) of my novel. But I am writing. And at the request of a few people, I have also started to upload a few of my older pieces to Soundcloud. Here’s one of them:

Like it? Listen to some more, tell me what you think. Maybe I’ll upload more.

Right, enough about me.

The other day, I met someone in my (now very) extended family (my husband has a massive family – yes big enough to require italicising, honest) who is also a writer. A very, very good one. I was blown away by her words and wanted to share some of them with you, here:

Here’s something she wrote for her parents last year (beautiful, heartwarming stuff):

And here’s a more powerful piece (so powerful I feel I must include a trigger warning):

If you enjoyed Becky’s words, head over to her blog,  Only See Your Good Side and Thumbing a thought, where she writes a poem every day (that’s right, every day), to read more of them.