Writing – Am I getting it right?

I read several blogs about writing and blogging, and many of these occasionally include lists of what one should and shouldn’t do. Some days I read these with interest, take on board what I think is useful, and ignore that which is less so.

Other days, I can read just one article, and obsess for hours over something I do regularly, that a writer/blogger supposedly ‘shouldn’t’ do. This says nothing about the blogs I read, but plenty about my state of mind at the time of reading.

Today, I stumbled across an old blog from Fuel Your Writing, about becoming a writer. The message is simple – Don’t complicate things. To be (or become) a writer, all I need to do is write. If I were to have a list of rules for writing, this would certainly be first thing on that list. What else would be on it? Not a lot – it might look something like this:

1. Write

2. Live – do stuff you enjoy, spend time with people you love, maybe take some pictures. Enjoy yourself

3. Write some more

4. Read as much as you can. Work out what you like, and what you like less

5. Write. Read what you’ve written. Maybe get someone else to read it

6. Ignore any rules that let you hold yourself back

7. Write.

Can you see the theme here? If I had a list, it would look a little like this, but who am I to set the rules? I’m just here because I love to write.

How do you feel about your writing? Do you ever wonder whether you’re ‘getting it right’?

4 responses to “Writing – Am I getting it right?

  1. A friend who writes really well but doesn’t think that’s anything special has just asked me ‘what is a blog?’ I’ve sent her a link to yours – your latest post is just so appropriate for where she is right now. Looking forward to more! Thank you.

  2. Hi Honest, your post on writing struck a chord with me right now. thanks, it helps to be reminded to return to the basis of writing, which is to write! i have written some thoughts, mixed up with a few other thoughts, here http://bit.ly/aoKYGM hope you are well! juliette Xx

    • Hi Juliette

      Thank for stopping by, reading and commenting. I’m glad that you found this post helpful, I wrote it to remind myself of the same thing, so very happy you got something from it too. I’m going to head over to your blog now to read your thoughts!

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