‘When a door closes…

‘When a door closes, a window opens.’ So the saying goes. And I agree. It’s fair to say that, in my life at least, as one opportunity is missed another will present itself. I’m down with that and, these days, I waste less time staring at the door that just slammed in my face and more time checking what direction the breeze is coming from to see if I can locate the open window.

Today, as I consider one of these windows, I am starting to realise what a great analogy this saying is…  Think about it, have you ever tried to climb in through an open window? I have. It’s hard work. It takes much longer to get in through the window that it does through an open door. You need to consider the size and shape of the window, your own size and shape, judge whether you will actually fit, hope the neighbours recognise you and know that you forgot your keys and are not trying to break in… take a deep breath, and be prepared to get a few bruises on the way.  Doesn’t sound much like fun, does it?

Well, you'd need a ladder (or at least a leg up) for this one...

But you know what? It kind of is. Negotiating the challenges and overcoming them, to find yourself still in one piece, on the inside, instead of standing outside in the cold, is kind of rewarding. Although walking through the door is preferable (let’s face it, I’ll take the easy option if it’s available), when I’ve climbed in through the window, It’s given me a real sense of achievement and made me really appreciate the kind of things I might otherwise take for granted (like being warm and dry).

When I just walk through the door, it barely registers.

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