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What are your values?

Back in April, I wrote ‘My Strap Line,’ a blog post about branding inspired byAnn Hawkins. At the time, I had a few ‘straplines,’ and wanted to get this down to one, something simple and easy to remember, that would summarise who I am. I threw a few ideas around, and came up with ‘It’s about People. It’s about Poetry.’ You may have noticed that this has now evolved to become ‘Writing. People. Poetry’ – It’s short, it’s simple, and it sums who I am and what I do.

All good brands don’t just have straplines, they also have values. These could also be called the company’s personality traits; it’s who they are in their dealings with us, the customer.  Some of these we just know without being told. Let’s take Innocent drinks, for example. Innocent’s brand values, as described on their website, are:

Be natural
Be entrepreneurial
Be responsible
Be commercial
Be generous

These values come across in everything Innocent does, from sourcing natural sustainable ingredients for their products to their commitment to sharing their profits.

So, thinking of myself as a ‘brand’ then, what would my values be? Probably something like:

Honest (kind of a given, that one)

I hope that these come across in my words and actions.

What are your core values?