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The Future Clover

I’m a guest writer over at Name Your Tale, a great microfiction site where members of the public submit random titles (some more random than others!), and a great team of dedicated writers create 100 word stories for these titles.  You can read some of my 100 word stories here.

This latest title came to me as a poem.  A poem about people, and poetry.  As I recently blogged about my strap line, and settled on ‘It’s about People.  It’s about Poetry,’ I thought it might be nice to share this 100 word poem here too.

The Future Clover

We lay back to back beneath the cherry tree
Blossom falling around us
As you read poetry to me
From a book you stole from the school library
That afternoon, you found a four-leaf clover
You picked it, told me it was our future
I didn’t understand
I just laughed and kissed you
25 years later, you gave me a gift
I unwrapped it carefully
To reveal a battered old book of poems
As I turned the pages, a four leaf clover dropped in my lap
That’s our future, you laughed
I smiled and kissed you
I get it now.

A warm welcome

Dear Reader,

Welcome to my blog! The poem below is one I wrote several years ago when I was really looking forward to what the future might hold. Since then, I have gone through so much, good and bad, and for a while I lost my way.

Recently, I have been working through some stuff, and I re-read this poem and for the first time ever, I think, I am really starting to believe it. This is my time, and although I know there will be ups and downs (after all, such is life), all things will pass, and I can continue to rise.

If you’re interested in writing, people, poetry, and everything in between, you may find this blog interesting. I will write as often as the fancy takes me, which I am hoping will be more and more often as times goes on!

For now, thank you for passing through, perhaps I’ll see you back here again sometime.

Til next time,

Honest. x