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Beautiful Misbehaviour | A virtual open mic night

Last month I went to an open mic night without leaving my house.

Stephanie Arsoska, who blogs on ‘poetry, motherhood and the mess in between’ over at Beautiful Misbehaviour,  runs a monthly virtual open mic night where everyone is invited to share their creative work. Most of those who join are poets and mums (not necessarily in that order) but you don’t have to be either! You can read more about the night here.

The night is broadcast live via Google+ Hangouts so when Stephanie first suggested I join in, I wasn’t sure. Although I share my work here and on soundcloud, I haven’t been to an open mic night in… well, a loooong time, and, as far as I know, there are no videos of me performing online. But something made me say yes.

It took a while, what with children being unpredictable I missed a couple but last month I made it! Despite some technical difficulties, and the fact that you can’t really see me – and I couldn’t always see everyone else – I enjoyed myself. Stephanie was a great host and made me feel at ease and, importantly, made me want to come back! It’s an open night, anyone can join – you just need to email Stephanie to let her know you’re interested and take it from there.

Not sure it’s for you? Watch this video of the last one. On this night, everyone else was reading each other’s work and trying to guess whose it was but as it was my first time, I read a piece of my own… If you just want to see me read my poem, ‘Muse,’ I’m at 24.14 (I’ve cut out my crap preamble for you. You’re welcome).

I didn’t like watching it back but I guess that’s a good thing… I can see what was wrong with my reading and do better next time… Because I will be doing this again!

Want to join in? It’s the last Wednesday of every month and the next is on 28 May. Go tell Steph you’re coming!

Words for your ears

I haven’t written any poetry for while as I haven’t been paying enough attention to get inspired. This is not an excuse (it would be a pretty poor one if it was), it’s just how it is. I’ve been concentrating on my family, my work and writing a little bit (a tiny, minuscule bit) of my novel. But I am writing. And at the request of a few people, I have also started to upload a few of my older pieces to Soundcloud. Here’s one of them:

Like it? Listen to some more, tell me what you think. Maybe I’ll upload more.

Right, enough about me.

The other day, I met someone in my (now very) extended family (my husband has a massive family – yes big enough to require italicising, honest) who is also a writer. A very, very good one. I was blown away by her words and wanted to share some of them with you, here:

Here’s something she wrote for her parents last year (beautiful, heartwarming stuff):

And here’s a more powerful piece (so powerful I feel I must include a trigger warning):

If you enjoyed Becky’s words, head over to her blog,  Only See Your Good Side and Thumbing a thought, where she writes a poem every day (that’s right, every day), to read more of them.

Cash prize on offer for spoken word TV idea

Please note that this post is now closed to comments. Thank you to everyone who submitted an idea.

Interested in wining some cash (up to £500)?

If you have an original idea for a TV programme around spoken word, you could be in with a chance of winning a cash prize!

I’m looking for fresh new ideas for a programme (could be part of a series) about spoken word. If you have any interesting suggestions on this, please post something in the comments below and if it looks like something that could work, I will get in touch by email to explore further and let you have any more details.

Speaking of spoken word, I have been thinking about my next post and it may well be a video blog… Watch this space.