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Shanghai Fizz

I love roses (to eat, I mean.  Yes, you read that right).  I love lychees.  I quite like martinis.  So, knowing these facts,  it should come as no surprise to learn that my favourite drink is a rose and lychee martini.

I’ve tried several versions of this drink in several different bars (if it’s not on the menu I’ll ask for it anyway), here are a couple of examples:

At Ping Pong:

At Eagle Bar:

I also quite liked the version I had at Sophie’s Steakhouse, although I wasn’t keen on the morello cherry dropped in the bottom of the glass (I forgot to take a picture that time.  I’ll have to go back and have another.  Research is so hard)…

The other day I went back to Eagle Bar with a friend, where I sampled ‘Shanghai Fizz,’ a champagne cocktail with rose syrup, lychee liquer, champagne (of course), and coconut foam.  I have no idea how they made the coconut foam but it was delicious.  Maybe next time I’ll ask them.

Oh yes, and it was decorated with a candied hibiscus flower.  For me, presentation is everything and this looked just as good (apologies for the poor photo which doesn’t quite capture it) as it tasted, which was a bit like an exotic holiday on my tongue:

I think I’ve found a new favourite drink.