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100WCGU #76 – It’s not you…

Another 100WCGU entry. This week’s prompt was …beneath the surface…

It’s not you…
‘It’s just… Well, we’re different aren’t we?’ Kayleigh shifted in her seat, as if that would make the conversation any easier.
‘But I thought…? We said..?’ Aiden’s face turned pink.
‘Sorry, I… I just don’t think we’re right for each other.’ Kayleigh looked down.
‘Ok…Well… thanks for telling me in person, anyway. I… I’d better go…’ Beneath the surface, his emotions fought for space. His chest tight, he walked away quickly, fighting the desire to look back one last time. As he turned the corner, the overflow reached his eyes.

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100 WCGU #53 – Seven

My entry for this week’s 10o Word Challenge for Grown Ups (100WCGU). The prompt is in bold, in the story below. This was a tough one, but I came up with something in the end! Honest feedback welcome.

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Rose studied her sister carefully. She had just asked ‘…would Seven prove to be too much?’ She knew the answer but was hoping Poppy would lie.

Poppy was looking forward to having the kids for the weekend. Fleur’s girls were lovely. Bright and affectionate, they were a dream to babysit. Rose’s eldest, Five was ok too, and he would be a big help with the girls. Even Six wasn’t so bad, really. But Seven…  ‘Honestly Rose? Yes, he will. But it’s ok. It’s only one day. You two go and enjoy your birthday.’

From behind her twin sister, Fleur signed ‘It’s going to be a looooong day.’

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups

So, this week I thought I would start taking part in Julia’s 100 word challenge for grown ups. To find out more about this challenge, and read other entries, click on the image below.

This week is week #45, so I am rather late to the party – but better late than never right? Julia says we don’t need to include the give text, but if you’re curious, the prompt text is:

There’s a real buzz about this place.

And here’s my offering:

Buddy’s Place 

Buddy blinked. The light was blinding.
The light took the form of a door, and swung open.
‘Buddy! We weren’t expecting you for a while yet!’
‘Ted?’ Buddy backed out and found himself on the street, staring at the shop front ‘Buddy’s place,’ his barbershop, which had closed down back in ’64! He stepped back in, inhaling the familiar smells, and smiling at the low buzz of the radio in the background. So this was…
‘Buddy? Buddy!’ Janet’s voice came over the radio. She sounded frantic.
‘Don’t you dare leave me now!’
Buddy blinked. The hospital lights were blinding.