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Tiptoeing around the edge

Once, there was a man who lived right next to a big gaping hole in the earth.

For years, the man cautiously opened his door each morning, tiptoed around the edge of the hole careful not to lose his balance even for a second, and headed off to work. All day at work he thought of the hole and how, if he didn’t keep his mind on it, that day could when he would fall in.

One day, something unexpected happened and the man left work earlier than usual. It was a lovely sunny day and, for a moment, he forgot about the hole and just sat in the sunshine allowing his mind to wander. He followed the dreams in his head and liked what he saw. He stayed until the sun went down, then he headed home. He had not thought about the hole for a whole afternoon.

That evening, as the man walked up his drive lost in thought, he fell into the hole. It was a long way down. When he reached the bottom, he thought to himself ‘that was even deeper than I thought. I knew I shouldn’t have allowed my mind to wander, now look what’s happened!’ He kicked the dirt with his toes and cursed himself for getting carried away by his dreams.

The man stayed in the hole for what felt like a long time. There was hardly any light so it was hard to be sure but it felt like weeks, at least. One day, he woke up with a nagging curiosity that hadn’t been there before. He walked to the edge of the pit and pushed as the wall. It crumbled in, revealing a small, dark tunnel. ‘Well, I’ll be no worse off there than here,’ he thought, and climbed in. It was even darker in the tunnel. It was cold and narrow and there was no light at all but still, he stumbled along in the darkness, refusing, this time, to give in. Eventually he reached another pit like the one he had just come from. This one was even deeper and wider than before. The man’s shoulders slumped. He lay down and went to sleep.

When he woke up, something had changed. He opened his eyes and found himself blinking against a brightness he has become unaccustomed to. His first thought was to close them and go back to sleep but something made him stand up and think again. In the light, the man could see footholds on the wall opposite. He could also hear a voice somewhere in the distance. “Start climbing.” It said. It wasn’t a request. Trembling slightly, the man began to climb. He was tired and hungry but he’d had enough of the hole and if this was a way out, he would put every last bit of energy into reaching the light.

As he neared the top of the hole, he hesitated. “Come on!” The voice sounded impatient. ‘What if it’s a trick?’ he thought, and considered going back where he’d come from. At least there, he knew what to expect. He stayed at the step near the top, clinging on by just his fingernails for almost a whole day before deciding to continue.

When the man reached the edge of the hole and threw himself over, a hand reached out to help him. It was a woman he knew, but he couldn’t think where from. “You don’t recognise me do you? I’m your neighbour! I’ve lived next door to you for years.” He tilted his head to the side. “You mean on the other side of the hole?” He asked. Her brow furrowed. “Hole? What hole? You’ve had a bit of a time of it haven’t you?” She laughed and touched his cheek with her hand so briefly he wondered if it really happened. He looked back behind him and she was right. There was no hole, just the greenest, smoothest lawn he’d ever seen and a patch of beautiful burnt orange roses. He hadn’t even realised there were flowers in his garden. he shook his head and smiled at the woman.

“Thank you.”
“Nonsense. I was just being neighbourly. Come on, I’ve just baked a pie. Pop round when you’ve had a chance to recover – I bet you’re starving.”

Free Write Friday – Twilight Tiger

This week’s Free Write Friday prompt is another visual – see below. As always, click on the link for details of this week’s challenge, and to read other writers’ interpretations of this prompt.

I venture out
Into the royal blue twilight
My favourite time of day
As it slowly turns to night

I don’t plan to go this far
But having made my way through moondrenched trees
I only top at a steam covered lake
When I feel his eyes on me

The monkeys and the crocodile seem afraid
And somehow in plain sight, all of us manage to hide
But this twilight tiger knows me in a way I can’t describe
He understands what lies beneath – the stuff inside from which I hide

I turn to away at first
Fear keeping my eyes cast down
But then I change my mind and face him
Meet his gaze and stand my ground

Somehow he then seems smaller
Less of a beast than he was at first
I myself feel stronger
This moonlit walk has quenched my thirst.

You’re amazing

I just got an email from Future Me.  It was a summary of how I was feeling at the start of October, and advice for the new year.  It reads like it was written by someone else!  I was clearly in a good place then.  Now, not so much, but all things pass…

So, I thought I would take the nicest thing I said to myself back then, and share it with you.  Because we’re all amazing, and sometimes things happen and we can forget that.

‘You are amazing.  Other people being amazing doesn’t make you any less so.  Celebrate their successes, and remember to celebrate your own too.  There is room for all of us to Shine.’

I thought it might be a nice way to start the year.

Just Be

‘Change a little, Change a lot.’

‘If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.’

‘Be the change you want to see.’

But which of these mottos is right, for me…?

For today, my own words are:

Just Be

Just be… Me…

And the more of me I am, the more fulfilled I can begin to feel.

In the words of Bukola,

‘..worst critic is me, and I say I’m good enough’*

What are your words of motivation today?

*from ‘To Whom It May Concern (feat JR)’ from the album Which Way

Now is the time

Ready to Rise

The nights start early and it’s too cold to sleep
So I lie awake through sleepless dreams I creep
Rain seems to me like a seamless beat
Over which I hear voices
Reciting too many choices.

It’s time to switch, time to step up my game
As the seasons change I re-arrange my priorities and start believing
Find my direction so I am achieving
But I keep freezing.

These words take a hold of me
It’s a self fulfilling prophecy
‘Cause it’s only me
Holding back, keeping me down
It’s time to take a step back
Find a new way around.

I tell myself this same shit time and again
The same song just a different refrain
And yet still… I’ve remained the same.

I should move on, it’s a natural progession
But years on I  still recite the same lesson
I keep on saying it’s time to let go
I keep on thinking it’s starting to flow
But something inside keeps holding me back
I set my truth free, and my demons launch a counter attack.

What they don’t know it this time…
This Time
I’m Ready to fight back.

I know something they can’t override…
My time is Now
And I’m ready
To Rise.