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Silent Scream

So, I’ve just been looking through some (really) old poems, and I found a notebook full of teen angst type stuff, some of it so awful I doubt I’ll ever  share it!  But I found the below poem, which was my sister’s favourite at the time (I didn’t show my work to many people, back then)…  I’m not sure how I feel about this one, what do you think?  Have a read (original title and punctuation copied carefully from my notebook – I didn’t have a computer back then!)

Mental Torture

A silent scream comes from within.  It pierces through the noise of the external world like a bullet plunges into the soft flesh of a living body.  No-one hears.  But the pain is like waiting for tomorrow to come.  It grips the throat and squeezes until the inside is outside and the outside is no longer a reality but a dream from the depths of the imagination and life… Ceases to exist.