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He saw it first, his chubby finger pointing, eyes questioning…
‘It’s a rose.’
The description wasn’t adequate. So I wrote this:


A splash of colour
On this overcast day
Dark green leaves scattered
Across the pavement
Tiny red tipped yellow buds
Just starting to seek the sun and
Finding none, most are content to wait
But not this one
Defiantly opening up
Gold petals streaked with fiery red
This rose will not wait to greet the sun
I am the sun!
And as I stand before this fireflower
Lighting up the otherwise darkened day
I believe it to be true.

Shanghai Fizz

I love roses (to eat, I mean.  Yes, you read that right).  I love lychees.  I quite like martinis.  So, knowing these facts,  it should come as no surprise to learn that my favourite drink is a rose and lychee martini.

I’ve tried several versions of this drink in several different bars (if it’s not on the menu I’ll ask for it anyway), here are a couple of examples:

At Ping Pong:

At Eagle Bar:

I also quite liked the version I had at Sophie’s Steakhouse, although I wasn’t keen on the morello cherry dropped in the bottom of the glass (I forgot to take a picture that time.  I’ll have to go back and have another.  Research is so hard)…

The other day I went back to Eagle Bar with a friend, where I sampled ‘Shanghai Fizz,’ a champagne cocktail with rose syrup, lychee liquer, champagne (of course), and coconut foam.  I have no idea how they made the coconut foam but it was delicious.  Maybe next time I’ll ask them.

Oh yes, and it was decorated with a candied hibiscus flower.  For me, presentation is everything and this looked just as good (apologies for the poor photo which doesn’t quite capture it) as it tasted, which was a bit like an exotic holiday on my tongue:

I think I’ve found a new favourite drink.