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100WCGU #89 – Maisie and Abby

I haven’t taken part in the #100WCGU for ages, being a bit short on time lately, but this week’s photo prompt (below) shouted out at me to join in. This short story will also help me along with part of my novel, although it won’t be included..!

100WCGU image prompt

“Shall we jump in then?”
“I used to swim with Madeline.” Abigail’s eyes had that faraway look again.
“Maisie! Lunchtime!” Her Mum called from the near distance, where she had a picnic laid out.
“Can Abby come?” Maddy winced. She was sure she had never mentioned the wrenching loss of her twin sister to Maisie, or indeed even that she had existed and yet this was the name she had chosen for her latest imaginary friend. She slapped on a smile, for her daughter.

“Yes of course she can. I would love to have her here,” she said, with feeling.

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