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Pigeons and puddles (free write)

This is a free writing exercise, written after a visit to the local park with my son. Not sure what I will do with it, if anything, but thought I’d share this one as it did unlock me a bit and got me going on the novel again. Feedback/thoughts welcome!

Pigeons and puddles

The sun catches the buggy as we enter the park and dips into the puddles around the bandstand, leaving occasional rainbows behind. He pulls at his restraints. “Get out!” He shouts, his legs already obeying his command.

Set free, he lurches forward, running towards the solitary pigeon enjoying a muddy bath in the relative peace of the early afternoon. “Go ‘way!” Shouts the boy, and the startled bird takes flight, stopping just a few metres away, still on the bandstand.

The boy runs up the steps and is joined by a girl in a pink bandana. Together they chase the pigeon around in circles, giggling and flapping their ‘wings’ so hard I wonder that they too, might take flight. They run through a muddy puddle, jumping and shrieking delightedly as the water streaks up their legs.

Their joy bounces off the bandstand and ripples across the park. Some are irritated by it but other feel it, pulling at the child within and they turn towards the children to catch them, heads thrown back in unselfconscious laughter, sunshine making their teeth shine and the innocence of a childhood summer reflected back in their eyes.

This leaf

This small stone was inspired by a challenge from Kaspalita at Writing Our Way Home, about the art of selection. It began as a poem about the park in the spring, then I remembered Kaspalita’s challenge and decided to forget the poem and just focus on one small part, writing whatever came to mind. Here’s the result:

This leaf

This leaf shines a brilliant green, reflecting the mid morning sun. It has a scar down its left side that leads to a dry patch – brown/grey and flaky. It looks like it would turn to dust if the wind picks up. Its so vibrant, so alive at its root but the life seems to drain away at the tip.

Free Write Friday – In Pieces

I have just discovered Kellie Elmore’s blog, and her Free Write Friday prompts. I was in the mood for a writing exercise, and thought these prompts were a great idea! Kellie says you don’t need to do them in order, so I went for this visual prompt today. I swear I didn’t punctuate on purpose! Apart from the title, any punctuation you see is automatic for me, and as I wrote on my phone it automatically puts capitals in at the start of every line.

In Pieces

She stood, awkwardly
Wondered if this knot twisting in her stomach was a normal reaction
To the puzzle beneath her feet
She had wanted to finish it before he returned, show him how clever she was
But it was so hard!
The knot in her stomach twisted tighter, sat heavier
So many pieces – and half of them bloody sky! Just endless pieces of blue blue Blue
I hate blue, she thought
She liked the poppies though,
That bit wasn’t so bad
Her heart warmed a little
The knot loosened
They had talked about poppies before Christmas
She had worn hers proudly on her new coat as they walked hand in hand Through the snow covered park
She looked down at her feet
The endless pieces of blue
She could hear quiet sobbing in the next room
Her Auntie boiling the kettle
Making tea
Tea! Why do grown ups think tea is the answer to everything?
The knot in her stomach grew
Her face wet
Salty tears reached her tongue
She had wanted to finish it
Before he came home.