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And the winner is…

Congratulations to Miriam Drori, who wins both birthday blog prizes!  That’s an edible treat for being the first to post a reply to my birthday blog post, and a £10 amazon voucher for the most creative post.

Miriam also wins the most creative post for her poem because she clearly gave it some thought, and wrote the poem specifically for the competition, relating it back to both the post, and my year’s worth of blogging. Congratulations Miriam!

Many thanks also to Juliette Lleyellyn, for entering her ‘strandline‘ photo.

Prizes to be won!.

The ‘I am not’ series will return next week, for those of you who were waiting for part 2…

As there have only been two entries so far to The Birthday Blog competition, I have decided to extend this for another week – to Sunday 14th October. The prize for the first post has already been claimed by Miriam Drori, but the prize for the most creative comment is still up for grabs! So, if you fancy a £10 amazon voucher (or local currency equivalent) and the chance to star in my upcoming ‘Ordinary People’ series of interviews, please check out the original post for further details and leave your comments there (or here, whichever is easiest for you)!