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Milking butterflies

This poem was inspired by Flickr.com. ‘Milking butterflies’ is one of the messages on the photo/video upload page. Much more inspiring than ‘loading’ or ‘buffering,’ don’t you think? Thanks for the inspiration, Flickr!

Orange tip butterfly by Tina Negus (via Flickr Creatiev Commons)

Orange tip is milking the snapdragons
She takes her time, fluttering around
Behaving at first as though she’s just here to visit
She stops at the roses, delicately stroking the leaves
Inhaling their scent. No, she’s not stopping here…
Onto the snapdragons she glides
Here, she takes her time
Sipping snapdragon milk as she beats her wings
To an invisible drum.

Giving thanks


If I half close my eyes
And turn towards the sun
I can see rainbows between my eyelashes

A bird bathes in the fountain
Splashing sunlight around with his wings
It’s getting hot already
I think about diving in to join him

It’s too early
For the drunks who usually occupy this space
So we have it to ourselves, the boy and I

While he sleeps
I slip into the silence
And give thanks for days gone and those yet to come.

It’s been too long

It’s been far too long
Since I wrote you a poem
I’ll be back with more
But for now, will this one do?

Free Write Friday – Time and place scenario

I thought I’d have a go at Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday this week. Yes, I know it’s Saturday but there’s no deadline! I’ll admit I looked at the image yesterday but I didn’t start writing anything until this evening and it’s unedited as per the instructions. It’s untitled because I couldn’t think of one! If you would like to suggest a title, please feel free to do so in the comment box below.

If you’re wondering what Free Write Friday is all about, click on the image below to head to Kellie’s blog to find out more and read the other entries from this week.

Purple smoke swirls sparkle with stardust
And moonlit lakes reflect the blue black shadows of night
The forest smells of burnt marshmallows and candy floss

I stumble accross a star studded stream
And stop to drink and rest my wings
My wings..?
I think I hear someone whispering…

I lie and listen to the almost silence
I should come here more often, I think
The grass holds me, my thoughts, my fears…
The stream does so much more than just a drink
I stretch out my arms and dive right in

The wind is still whispering ‘Shhh’
I follow the sound through the trees
until tiredness overtakes me
And I drop to my knees
The purple smoke swirls sing a strange lullaby
And I start to close my eyes…
‘Hey….’ It gently sings
As I lie down ans fold my wings
‘Hey… Hey!’
I open my eyes.
‘Sorry love, I hate to wake you when you look so peaceful and all but didn’t you say this was your stop..? You don’t wanna get caught on the last night bus!’
‘Oh, um… Yeah. Thank you.’
I stumble down the steps into the street, rubbing my eyes.
What a strange dream… As soon as I think this the memory of it starts to fade. I stand for a while, trying to recall it as moonlight puddles at my feet.
I shake the stardust from my wings and start walking.
I can still smell candy floss.

100WCGU Week #46 – In the dark recess of my mind

Here’s my entry for week #46. If you’ve just arrived on this page and are wondering what 100WCGU is all about, you might want to check out last week’s post, which explains a bit more.

This week’s prompt was the title above, which I have also used as the title of my poem. This time the text also had to be included in the entry, hence the italics in my entry below. For more details about this week’s prompt and to read other entries, click on the image and the bottom of this page.

In the dark recess of my mind

It’s where I keep the demons
That deep within me sleep
The embodiment of those thoughts
Of which most of us don’t speak

It’s where nightmares are made
With the fear from which I hide
It’s where repressed emotions lie in wait
Growing ever larger inside

It’s where I keep the anger
I should release more often than I do
It’s where I keep my shadow side
So I can pretend it’s not my truth

I don’t venture down here often
Because I know exactly what I’ll find
When I shine a light
In the dark recess of my mind