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Free Write Friday – Twilight Tiger

This week’s Free Write Friday prompt is another visual – see below. As always, click on the link for details of this week’s challenge, and to read other writers’ interpretations of this prompt.

I venture out
Into the royal blue twilight
My favourite time of day
As it slowly turns to night

I don’t plan to go this far
But having made my way through moondrenched trees
I only top at a steam covered lake
When I feel his eyes on me

The monkeys and the crocodile seem afraid
And somehow in plain sight, all of us manage to hide
But this twilight tiger knows me in a way I can’t describe
He understands what lies beneath – the stuff inside from which I hide

I turn to away at first
Fear keeping my eyes cast down
But then I change my mind and face him
Meet his gaze and stand my ground

Somehow he then seems smaller
Less of a beast than he was at first
I myself feel stronger
This moonlit walk has quenched my thirst.

I am not… Am I…?

(conclusion of the I am not… series)

“So what was that short ‘I am not’ series all about?” I hear you ask.

“So you’re not a photographer, you’re not a chef and you’re not an artist – so what? What’s the point you’re making here?”

Well, I’m glad you asked. The point was that, although I am not any of these things, that doesn’t mean I can’t give it a go if the fancy takes me. Also, having ‘given something a go,’ I might find I really enjoy it, and want to get better at it. For example, if I decided I wanted to be a professional photographer, I could go and take a course and study and practice until my photos were not just ‘alright,’ but outstanding, award-winning…  You get the picture (no pun intended). In order to get there though, I would need to want it enough.

Sometimes, a skill like photography, or cooking, is a natural talent. Those lucky enough to have been blessed can nuture this talent, or not, depending on their desire.

A while ago, I would not have called myself a writer. My main income did not come from writing (I have since made some progress here), and I have never had any formal training. However, writing for me is not a choice, it’s a calling. I always have, and always will write, and read about writing and write about writing and hopefully continue to improve over time.

So my point is… All the things we are not, are because we choose not to be. We can all do whatever it is we want if we want it enough.

I am a writer. What about you…?

Back to life

So, I am back from my month off, refreshed and ready to dive back into life.

Well, I would like that to be the truth but it’s not, not really.  I have been back a good few days now, and have spent most of these days procrastinating.  I don’t go back to work until next week, having given myself these extra days on returning from my honeymoon to spend some time writing.  However, there is always something more pressing that needs doing.  Like the washing, or cleaning the bathroom, or going for another walk to ‘clear my head.’  Seriously, I appear to have lost my motivation.  Or is it really that simple?

My wedding day was perfect, and I had a wonderful honeymoon. For the first time in the five years we’ve been together, it was just my husband and I, spending some quality time together with no interruptions.  I was completely offline for a month.  No blog, no emails, no twitter, no facebook…  I even turned off my mobile phone.  I did write a little, but put no pressure on myself to do so and instead focused on the present moment, and enjoyed every minute.

So…  What’s my point?  Well, now that am back online, time seems to be disappearing with alarming speed.  I have a ‘to do’ list as long as my arm; stories and poems to write, a website to update, a collection to publish and other projects that I really must get started on.  And of course I also have friends and family to catch up with.  While I am looking forward to all this, at the same time I find myself suddenly wondering how I have managed to do it all around a full-time job and still keep my energy levels up.  Could I still be suffering from jet lag…? Or is this a sign I need to maybe slow down a little and re-think my priorities?

I am sure when I get back into the swing of things, I will see how I managed and start to enjoy all these aspects of my life as much as I did before, however, the question remains (for now), am I ‘back to life’ now that I am home and filling every spare minute, or was my month offline getting back to life?  Perhaps it’s finding the balance somewhere between the two.  As soon as I do that, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Just Be

‘Change a little, Change a lot.’

‘If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.’

‘Be the change you want to see.’

But which of these mottos is right, for me…?

For today, my own words are:

Just Be

Just be… Me…

And the more of me I am, the more fulfilled I can begin to feel.

In the words of Bukola,

‘..worst critic is me, and I say I’m good enough’*

What are your words of motivation today?

*from ‘To Whom It May Concern (feat JR)’ from the album Which Way