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100WCGU Week #59 – The edge


When I was younger, I had a poster on my wall that said ‘If you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much space.’ It was a lie. It was a poster of who I wanted to be, not who I was. While those around me were experimenting with recreational drugs I was too scared even to try (I am glad of this, now). I never did a bungee jump, never even sky-dived. I’m not afraid of death, I just don’t want to take any chances. Here though, I feel safe. The universe holds me, and I breathe.

This week I gave myself a double challenge by attempting a free write version of the 100WCGU challenge. I wrote this in 15 minutes! Please bear this in mind when commenting 😉

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100WCGU week #58 – The apple

This week’s 100WCGU was to write a short story including the prompt …as the apple fell… making the story 104 words in total. Here’s my entry:

The apple
Lauren walked slowly along the deserted corridor, stopping to give the apple a polish. It was a bit silly really, ‘an apple for the teacher,’ but she thought he would appreciate the joke. She stopped just outside the room when she heard a familiar giggle. ‘Oh David, no… What about Lauren?’
‘What about her? She’s a nice girl, but Jemma… She’s a girl. It’s just a crush, she’ll grow out of it. I will keep tutoring her though, she needs all the help she can get if she’s…’
‘Oh, Lauren…’
As the apple fell from Lauren’s hand, all the colour drained from her face.

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100 WCGU #57 – A routine evening

This week’s 100WCGU was to write a short story including the prompt …returning to the routine… making the story 104 words in total. Here’s my entry:

A routine evening
Samara had walked the perimeter of the room twice and turned the light on and off five times when Sayed walked in. He stood against the doorframe, a sly smile threatening to break his poker face. ‘Whatcha doin’ Sam?’ He used a sing-song voice, the kind one might use to talk to a small child. Frozen to the spot, Samara looked at her feet. ‘You know what I’m doing,’ she whispered. Sayed laughed ‘You’re weird,’ he threw at her as he left the room. Returning to the routine, Samara let a tear escape and once again started to walk the perimeter of her room.

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100 WCGU #53 – Seven

My entry for this week’s 10o Word Challenge for Grown Ups (100WCGU). The prompt is in bold, in the story below. This was a tough one, but I came up with something in the end! Honest feedback welcome.

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Rose studied her sister carefully. She had just asked ‘…would Seven prove to be too much?’ She knew the answer but was hoping Poppy would lie.

Poppy was looking forward to having the kids for the weekend. Fleur’s girls were lovely. Bright and affectionate, they were a dream to babysit. Rose’s eldest, Five was ok too, and he would be a big help with the girls. Even Six wasn’t so bad, really. But Seven…  ‘Honestly Rose? Yes, he will. But it’s ok. It’s only one day. You two go and enjoy your birthday.’

From behind her twin sister, Fleur signed ‘It’s going to be a looooong day.’

100WCGU Week #50 – When it rains, it pours

This week’s prompt was to include the words: the rain turned the road into a river making the word count up to 108 altogether. If you’re interested, I tried to link this entry up to the Free Write Friday piece I wrote yesterday. Here are my 108 words:

It was raining on the day she left. I had left work early and bought her flowers on the way home. This romantic gesture was long overdue. I don’t know why it took me so long to realise how lucky I was to have her. The note she left was simple,  ‘I just can’t do this anymore. Sorry.’ My gesture was too little, too late. I walked out into the road, tears streaming down my face along with the rain as it grew heavier. I sat down and the rain turned the road into a river, creeping higher and higher until I was submerged. There, I found peace.

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