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Putting the past behind me

Hello again. Been a while…

So, inevitably, this is a bit of a ‘Mummy’ post, seeing as that’s pretty much been my sole identity for the past three months. Now that baby is starting to settle into a routine (it’s a baby led routine, tweaked a little to suit my purposes, if you’re interested) and sleeps longer at night, I no longer need to nap every time baby does and am starting to get my life back a bit. Of course it will never be the same again (and I wouldn’t want it to be) but I am starting to remember what its like to be Rachael, as well as Mummy.

Whether you are a regular reader or are new to this blog, you will probably have gathered that being a writer is a big part of my identity. So a few days ago, while baby napped, I decided to pick up my journal and start writing again. Before I did so, I read my last few entries. I was surprised to see just how much I’ve changed. My last few entries were full of petty complaints and selfish concerns. I could blame pregnancy hormones for this, but, looking back, many earlier entries were also  rants about things or people that had upset me. Don’t get me wrong, I also wrote about real issues that I had needed to get out of my head clear my mind, about my concerns for others, or simply thankful thoughts for a particularly good day. However, the childish rants really bothered me. That’s not who I am any more and I wouldn’t want anyone to look back and remember me that way. Baby has taught me more patience and understanding, making me a happier and more at peace on a personal level, and an even more intuitive coach on a professional one.

So, dear readers, I have a question for you… Do I keep my old journal as a reminder of how far I have come, or do I destroy it, as a symbolic way of truly letting go of the past and starting over? Have any of you had the same dilemma? If so, what did you do? Please add your comments in the box below.

Thanks for reading – its good to be back!

Getting back to basics

I have just been over at Dan Goodwin’s blog (also known as Coach Creative), reading his latest post, about starting all over again. Dan asks ‘If tomorrow you lost every single thing you owned, and were given some money to begin your creative life all over again, what 5 things would you buy?’

It got me thinking (which of course was the point), about how many channels I use to create these days. If I had to pick 5 of the things I currently use, they would be (in no particular order):

  1. My Dell notebook
  2. A selection of journals
  3. Several pens ranging from an old bic biro to a mid range fountain pen
  4. A camera (usually the one on my phone)
  5. Actually there are only 4 things but I want to make this look like a list of 5.  I don’t know why this feels so important to me.

However, on reflection, all I really need is a pen or pencil, and some paper.  A journal would be nice, but any paper would do.  When I was younger and worked part time in a shop, I used to write stories on the back of til receipts that people left behind.  I guess what I’m tryng to say is that even with nothing, if we want to create, we will find a way, making creative tools out of whatever we have to hand.

So, I would like to thank Dan for his post, for reminding me that when I find my creativity stalling, perhaps simply getting back to basics can get the ideas flowing again.