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Happiness is…

I’ve been over at Matt Madeiro’s blog, Make Every Day Count this week, reading about Happiness. Matt shares his definition of happiness, and offers a ‘homework assignment.’ I decided to take on this challenge, and share my thoughts with you. If you’d like to share your thoughts on these questions, you can either do so below, or pop back to Matt’s blog and comment there. If you’d like some inspiration as to what happiness might be, you could even buy Matt’s e-book, Happiness is… It’s available from amazon for less than £1. That’s something to smile about.

Matt – here’s my assignment.

I gave this a lot of thought and had some long discussions with friends and colleagues about the human nature and what makes us happy but the answers, in the end, were quite simple for me…

“What’s my definition of happiness?”

Happiness is acceptance.

I used to think that my happiness depended on a wide range of factors, from the weather, to whether people liked me and a whole host of other things in between. However, as I’ve grown (a bit. I still have a lot more growing to do), I’ve realised that for me, happiness is about accepting who I am, who others are  and the way things are in the present moment. This can mean accepting that I’m having a crap day, for example – instead of complaining about it. I’ve found that it’s only once I have accepted things as they are, that I can do something about changing them. Or not. Sometimes it’s not that things need to change, I just need to change my perception of them.

“Am I there yet? Do I fit that description?”

Yes. No. Sometimes.

This one was harder to answer. Some days I’m there. I equate happiness with being content rather than being in a permanent state of joy, and some days I am content. Some days I am even joyful. I have a lot to be grateful for. However, I’m only human and sometimes I get caught up in ‘stuff.’ It’s hard not to. It helps to stay in the present moment as much as possible, but when things look bad, sometimes looking to the past or future can help. I always keep in mind what has become a bit of a mantra for me: ‘This too shall pass.’ I can look back and say ‘I’ve been in worse situations than this and got through it.’ Or I can look to some unspecified point in the future to when the crapness has passed.

Today, it was sunny. I spoke to a couple of good friends, caught up with my Nan, spent some quality time playing with my son, sat down for a couple of hours to do some writing and when I have finished, I am going to eat a delicious meal. Sometimes it’s just the little things.

Today, I am Happy. Are you?