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Free Write Friday – The beautiful little girl

I haven’t taken part in Free Write Friday for a while but when I saw this week’s prompt I just started writing…! The prompt was:

Click on the image above to find out more about Free Write Friday and to read other entries from today. Here’s my effort:

The beautiful little girl

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl. She was so beautiful that people would stop in the street to stare at her. They had to stop, because, just for a minute, she literally took their breath away. The little girl had no idea of her beauty, she just thought that people always stopped to chat and that the world was a lovely place. She was a kind and loving child, and every day she would stop and talk to anyone she happened to notice stopping in her presence. This happened a lot, what with her breath-stopping beauty, so she spoke to lots of people and many of them became her friends.

One day, halfway through a conversation with a seemingly friendly girl about noodles of all things, the beautiful girl was asked ‘You do know how beautiful you are, don’t you?’ The beautiful girl was taken aback and she just smiled and said ‘Oh! No, but thank you…’ To which the noodle conversation girl replied with a sneer ‘Oh you do know. I thought as much.’ She nodded to herself and walked off, cutting the conversation short.The beautiful girl was very upset. She went home and looked in the mirror. She was too young to understand the concept of beauty, really, but she decided that it must be a bad thing because of how the noodle girl had reacted to her. So, she decided to make herself less beautiful. She started by eating less. and less. and less. Until she was surviving on one carrot and half a celery stick a day. Her face was drawn, her eyes hollow, and her ribs poked out of her bony chest. She looked in the mirror and was satisfied that she was less attractive. But then she started to see women who looked like this in magazines, modelling the latest fashions, and overhear conversations about thinness being desirable. So she decided to make herself less attractive in other ways. Her Mother had told her ‘beauty comes from within,’ so she started to be mean to people. At first she spread nasty rumours about people at her school, then she progressed to being openly nasty to people so that they could see how unattractive she was. Like attracts like, so she started to spend time with people who didn’t respect her, nor she them.

By the time she was in her late 20s, the beautiful girl was in a loveless relationship with a man who isolated her from all her so-called friends (who were no good for her, he said. He was right about that). She believed she was worth no more than this. Every time the beautiful girl looked into a mirror, something tugged at her and she was overwhelmed by sadness. So she tried to avoid mirrors as much as possible. Until finally, one evening as she was brushing her teeth, her mirror image stopped. She started. ‘What the..?’
‘Listen to me. You. Are. Beautiful. Not only that, you are Beauty.Full. For years you have lived your life for someone else. All because of one comment from that stupid noodle girl? Seriously..? You are better than this. You need to eat. Don’t look at me like that, it’s a wonder you’ve lived as long as you have. You need to get rid of that man – yes, you will find someone else but you’re going to have to learn to love yourself first – and start life over with the same kind heart you were born with. That sadness you feel when you look in a mirror? It’s because you know you’re not being who you really are. It’s never too late to start.’ And she reached her arms out from the mirror, and gave the beautiful, beauty-full girl a hug.

That day she left the no-good man who didn’t deserve her. She’s still single, but she’s ok with that. Oh, and her mirror image? She’s now her best friend.

Free Write Friday – Twilight Tiger

This week’s Free Write Friday prompt is another visual – see below. As always, click on the link for details of this week’s challenge, and to read other writers’ interpretations of this prompt.

I venture out
Into the royal blue twilight
My favourite time of day
As it slowly turns to night

I don’t plan to go this far
But having made my way through moondrenched trees
I only top at a steam covered lake
When I feel his eyes on me

The monkeys and the crocodile seem afraid
And somehow in plain sight, all of us manage to hide
But this twilight tiger knows me in a way I can’t describe
He understands what lies beneath – the stuff inside from which I hide

I turn to away at first
Fear keeping my eyes cast down
But then I change my mind and face him
Meet his gaze and stand my ground

Somehow he then seems smaller
Less of a beast than he was at first
I myself feel stronger
This moonlit walk has quenched my thirst.

Free Write Friday – Finish the story

Another Free Write Friday entry – this week Kellie’s prompt comes in the form of a picture, and a story beginning…. Click on the image below for more details about Free Write Friday.

‘I should bloody well hope so,’ thought Reever, ‘the advert clearly stated ‘spacious ground level treepartment – all mod cons.’ So it better be bigger inside than it looks.’ Aloud she said, ‘What about the stables?’
The agent gave her a sideways glance. ‘For your.. er.. Camel..?’
‘Yes, for my camel.’ She stared him down.
‘There are stables three trees to your North. They’re pretty spacious, I can show you after we go inside.’
Reevie was used to the sideways glances and whispers ‘She’s got a camel! What’s she doing with a camel, here..?’ She never bothered to explain what had happened. How do you explain that your lover was originally intended for a powerful tree witch who, on discovering that he had instead chosen to be with Reevie, had decided that spending eternity as a camel was a suitable punishment? Reevie was just glad that he was still alive, and had the ability to shape shift back to his original form every full moon. So once a month she had her beloved Zoltir back. She stoked behind his ear and told him to wait outside.
‘I don’t need to be told,’ he hissed, ‘…like I have a choice, anyway.’
‘What was that?’
‘Oh nothing, my camel just sneezed. Let’s go inside then.’ She shot Zoltir a warning look and followed the agent in. He was quite tall, for a Nantap – they were usually shorter than the average wood sprite – but he seemed to shrink as he walked through the opening of the tree, as did she.

Once inside, Reevie took a sharp intake of breath. ‘Oh. My…’
Narrod smiled. He loved to see this reaction. Everyone was different. Some swore, some fainted, some just stood there open-mouthed. This one was curious, though. She stood, her head to one side.
‘But. It’s…’
‘Isn’t it?’
She looked at him. He was grinning ear to ear, the fool. Obviously convinced she was going to buy. She was tempted, but…
‘How can you let this go for just 100 Prevetts?’
‘Well, the owner is hoping for a quick sale…’
Reevie tuned out his bullshit speech about the current state of the market and how no-one could afford finance to buy what it was worth and that the owner was fed up of waiting and wanted to move as soon as possible. Something wasn’t right. The place was already decorated exactly to her tastes, and Zol’s, for that matter. Right down to the deep red rug in front of the faux fireplace. It was just like the one back at Zeenan. They had lay together on this rug five years ago, the night before… Damn it!

Narrod looked at her. She wasn’t listening to him at all. He couldn’t understand it. Why wasn’t she demanding to get back to the office and sign the papers, like all the others? Perhaps he hadn’t done his job well enough. He knew the drill. Get them to sign, and get them in. What happened after that didn’t concern him. That was down to her. A cold chill went down his spine as he thought of her. One more year, he kept telling himself, just one more year and I’ll stop this. But he hadn’t. He grown used to see the Prevetts mount up, and rather than saving them as he intended, he’d been spending more and more on Sap. He needed to kick the habit.
‘Narrod!’ Reevie was standing close to his face. Too close. Wasn’t she taller than him?
‘You were miles away. Listen, I’ve changed my mind. I’m going.’
‘You can’t!’ Reevie was already walking back out of the entrance, back towards Zoltir, with a grin on her face. She stepped out in a mist of stardust and pulled him close.
‘No,’ Zoltir started to protest ‘..not now, it’s not a full moon until..’
Reevie kissed him ‘Zol, it’s ok. It’s over. It’s over.’
Zol looked down. He was back to his original form, and the tears he thought he had felt across his fur, were now running down his chest. Reevie’s tears.
Narrod’s screams started to sound further and further away as the tree started to lose its form.
Reevie and Zoltir stood and watched as it pulsed, trying to retain some kind of life, then disintegrated into dust.

Free Write Friday – Time & Place

Another Free Write Friday entry (click on the photo below for more details):

The image took me to back to any holiday where I’ve swam in the sea, which for me is a form of meditation – it brings me to a place of peace within and I really forget everything around me. It’s also when I feel closest to nature.


Hot sun
Warm skin
Cool water
Dive in

Free Write Friday – In Pieces

I have just discovered Kellie Elmore’s blog, and her Free Write Friday prompts. I was in the mood for a writing exercise, and thought these prompts were a great idea! Kellie says you don’t need to do them in order, so I went for this visual prompt today. I swear I didn’t punctuate on purpose! Apart from the title, any punctuation you see is automatic for me, and as I wrote on my phone it automatically puts capitals in at the start of every line.

In Pieces

She stood, awkwardly
Wondered if this knot twisting in her stomach was a normal reaction
To the puzzle beneath her feet
She had wanted to finish it before he returned, show him how clever she was
But it was so hard!
The knot in her stomach twisted tighter, sat heavier
So many pieces – and half of them bloody sky! Just endless pieces of blue blue Blue
I hate blue, she thought
She liked the poppies though,
That bit wasn’t so bad
Her heart warmed a little
The knot loosened
They had talked about poppies before Christmas
She had worn hers proudly on her new coat as they walked hand in hand Through the snow covered park
She looked down at her feet
The endless pieces of blue
She could hear quiet sobbing in the next room
Her Auntie boiling the kettle
Making tea
Tea! Why do grown ups think tea is the answer to everything?
The knot in her stomach grew
Her face wet
Salty tears reached her tongue
She had wanted to finish it
Before he came home.