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It’s on the tip of my tongue…

…except it isn’t though, is it?  There I am chatting away, when I find I have to stop suddenly, to try and recall the word I need to use.  It’s a word I use all the time, a simple word, and I know that I know the word, but it completely escapes me.  I try tapping the tip of my tongue against the roof of my mouth, in case the word is there, and can be transferred upwards to my brain my osmosis, but that doesn’t work.  Then my friend, who has been listening carefully, asks ‘…um, is the word you’re searching for… ‘appointment’ or something similar…?’  Yes.  Yes it is, and I feel like a fool.  It would have come to me eventually, I know this, and yet I find these moments immensely frustrating.

Take yesterday, I was discussing the plot of Inception with someone, and trying to explain why the sedative was necessary (I would do into more detail here, but I’m mindful of including spoilers for those who haven’t seen the film), only I couldn’t remember the word ‘sedative.’  I tried to explain ‘…you know, it’s that thing, the thing makes them stay asleep!’  I tried to explain it a number of different ways, getting more and more frustrated the more I tried.  I gave up in the end, and the word came to me in the middle of the night.  I woke up, said ‘Oh yes, it’s sedative,’ to no-one in particular, and promptly went back to sleep.  Later, I found I had written it down too, but I don’t remember doing that.

I just wanted to share my frustration with this phenomenon, which for me, has always been a fairly regular occurrence, and I am hoping that I’m not the only one!  Do you ever find yourself forgetting simple words when talking or writing, even though you know that you know them…?