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Instapoem 26.07.11 – Feet

Ok so I cheated a little. This took more than five minutes… Wrote it in an hour – but that was in between feeding, burping, changing and playing with baby so it was probably more like fifteen! And I promise I didn’t edit.


Flat on the floor
My feet remind me
To keep moving forward
and leave the past behind me

I push down through my toes
and reach up to greet the sun
Tuning out all the noise
As mind and body become one

In my teens I once decided
To walk through the town centre
With my feet bare
I was shy back then but when people stared
I didn’t care

Running through the park
Its like I can stop time
My feet barely touch the grass
Leaving my worries a mile behind me

When life gets too much
They take me to where I need to be
The footprints in the sand are mine
I hope my feet never fail me.