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Instapoem 26.07.11 – Feet

Ok so I cheated a little. This took more than five minutes… Wrote it in an hour – but that was in between feeding, burping, changing and playing with baby so it was probably more like fifteen! And I promise I didn’t edit.


Flat on the floor
My feet remind me
To keep moving forward
and leave the past behind me

I push down through my toes
and reach up to greet the sun
Tuning out all the noise
As mind and body become one

In my teens I once decided
To walk through the town centre
With my feet bare
I was shy back then but when people stared
I didn’t care

Running through the park
Its like I can stop time
My feet barely touch the grass
Leaving my worries a mile behind me

When life gets too much
They take me to where I need to be
The footprints in the sand are mine
I hope my feet never fail me.

Instapoem 25.07.11 – Sky

With limited writing time, I thought I would head back to Debbie Ohi‘s Instapoem blog and give today’s prompt a go. So here’s my poem, ‘Sky,’ written in 2 minutes…. Thanks for the inspiration Debbie.


At the park
You look up in wonder
“Sky” I say, pointing
You smile and reach out
As if to touch it
I hope you never stop trying.

Instapoem 23.03.11 – Toddler

So, I was over at Instapoem yesterday, trying to write a poem in 5 minutes using the prompt for the previous day ‘box.’ 15 minutes later the page was still blank.

So, I thought I’d have a go today, using yesterday’s prompt ‘toddler.’ This was much more successful.

I have no idea why I started using the prompt from the previous day, I think I had my dates mixed up. Anyway, here’s my ‘toddler’ piece.


Daffodils poke their heads through the undergrowth
Like an eager toddler, each turns hungrily towards the sun
Sated, they begin their thankful dance
Spring has sprung.

If you like the idea of instapoem poetry prompts, you might like to follow Debbie Ohi (@inkyelbows) on twitter for more great ideas, writing and illustrations.