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Emotional overflow

I was over at Matt Madeiro‘s blog, Three New Leaves, yesterday, reading his recent post ‘Confessions of a Crybaby,’ about how he has come to terms with the fact that he is, to use his word, a ‘cybaby.’ I wouldn’t have used this word myself, for its negative connotations don’t seem to fit with the reasons Matt gives for the fact that tears come easily to him.

Although I can’t possibly know what Matt’s experience of the world is like for him, I can empathise, as tears come easily to me, too. As I commented on Matt’s post, I prefer not to call it crying, though, as this suggests sadness is involved. Although it sometimes is, I find the tears come more readily at other, seemingly everyday moments – I recognise the sense of stillness that touched Matt after his first experience of meditation, and art and music can move me in the same way. My sister is a singer/songwriter, and her words and music often cause this emotional overflow. She once showed concern at my tears, so I tried to explain it to her… and that is how I would like to explain it to you, now. It’s like this:

I ‘fill up’ with emotion and sometimes, some of it leaks… The filling up is a lovely feeling, and if it leaks then it’s just because I forget how much joy I can contain.

Matt comes to the conclusion that his tears are simply a celebration of life, which is nothing to be ashamed of, and I agree. Sure, he might be a sensitive soul, compared to some, and while I think sensitivity can be a strength to be admired, I am aware that many do not feel this way. I congratulate Matt on his honesty, bravery even, for sharing this part of him with the world, another sensitive creative not afraid to be who he is.