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Free Write Friday – Magic in the Backyard

So I’m a bit late to the party what with it being Monday already, but this Free Write Friday post is an entry into Kellie Elmore’s competition, which doesn’t close until Thursday. My entry came to me in the style of the blurb on the back of the book (I realise its a bit long). I know I’m not supposed to punctuate but it was automatic! I find it hard to switch that off but I  didn’t edit once I had finished.

Click on the book cover below for details of the competition and to find out more about Kellie.

Magic in the Backyard

Caitlin and Mike grew up together, spending most of their childhood summers playing in Mike’s backyard. They would take turns in the tire swing and talk about what they wanted to do when they grew up. Caitlin always used to tell Mike his backyard was special, different to hers somehow. When he asked what she meant, she couldnt explain, just said ‘its like that place in between dreams where unicorns are real and faeries really do live at the bottom of the garden. It’s a place where anything is possible.’ Mike wasn’t sure about that but Caitlin was very knowledgeable about these things. And she smelled like cupcakes.

Fast forward 25 years. Three children, two mortgages and one divorce later, Mike is back living at home with his parents. At 34! A successful author, after the success of his second novel, he thought he was set for life but there were no more advance cheques, just rejection letters, and the promised movie adaptation fell through. His wife didn’t understand why he didn’t just get a proper job.

Caitlin is now 33. A successful lawyer, she works long hours and loves her job but thinks there must be more to life than work. This summer, she decided to take a career break and rediscover her creative side. She paid for her parents to go on a cruise, and offered to look after their house while they’re away.

When Caitlin recieves news about a problem witg her parents’ ship, she and Mike are reunited once more. Unable to do anything but wait for updates and hope for the best, they try to tap into the magic of Mike’s backyard once more. This time, they discover just how right Caitlin was all those years ago.

Expect the unexpected from Kellie Elmore’s latest novel – Unicorns, runaway children, a pet lizard and a magic tire swing all feature in the most exciting read of this Spring.

And the winner is…

Congratulations to Miriam Drori, who wins both birthday blog prizes!  That’s an edible treat for being the first to post a reply to my birthday blog post, and a £10 amazon voucher for the most creative post.

Miriam also wins the most creative post for her poem because she clearly gave it some thought, and wrote the poem specifically for the competition, relating it back to both the post, and my year’s worth of blogging. Congratulations Miriam!

Many thanks also to Juliette Lleyellyn, for entering her ‘strandline‘ photo.

Prizes to be won!.

The ‘I am not’ series will return next week, for those of you who were waiting for part 2…

As there have only been two entries so far to The Birthday Blog competition, I have decided to extend this for another week – to Sunday 14th October. The prize for the first post has already been claimed by Miriam Drori, but the prize for the most creative comment is still up for grabs! So, if you fancy a £10 amazon voucher (or local currency equivalent) and the chance to star in my upcoming ‘Ordinary People’ series of interviews, please check out the original post for further details and leave your comments there (or here, whichever is easiest for you)!

The birthday blog

I have just realised that my blog is now officially a year old! Well, one year and one month to be precise, the actual birth date (October 4th 2009) passed while I was taking a break.

But these details aren’t important. When I started this blog, I wasn’t sure how often I would post, and whether anyone would be interested in my ramblings, but here we are, just over a year later, and I have been (fairly) consistent so far, and many of you are reading! Again, I thank you.

So, as it’s my blog birthday, I would like you to share in the celebrations! I am offering two prizes – one for the first to post a comment below, and one for the most creative comment – any format is fine – you could write a poem, a short story, some prose, or post a photo or anything else you have created. Surprise me!

The first post will win an edible treat (to be agreed depending on your preferences and location!), and the winner of the most creative post will be the first to feature in a series of interviews I am planning, ‘Ordinary People,’ as well as an amazon voucher or cash prize (£10 or local currency equivalent). This competition will run for two weeks, and closes on Sunday 7th October, after which I will be in touch with the winners by email (so please do include your email address on your post).

Good luck! 🙂