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100 WCGU #57 – A routine evening

This week’s 100WCGU was to write a short story including the prompt …returning to the routine… making the story 104 words in total. Here’s my entry:

A routine evening
Samara had walked the perimeter of the room twice and turned the light on and off five times when Sayed walked in. He stood against the doorframe, a sly smile threatening to break his poker face. ‘Whatcha doin’ Sam?’ He used a sing-song voice, the kind one might use to talk to a small child. Frozen to the spot, Samara looked at her feet. ‘You know what I’m doing,’ she whispered. Sayed laughed ‘You’re weird,’ he threw at her as he left the room. Returning to the routine, Samara let a tear escape and once again started to walk the perimeter of her room.

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