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100WCGU week #58 – The apple

This week’s 100WCGU was to write a short story including the prompt …as the apple fell… making the story 104 words in total. Here’s my entry:

The apple
Lauren walked slowly along the deserted corridor, stopping to give the apple a polish. It was a bit silly really, ‘an apple for the teacher,’ but she thought he would appreciate the joke. She stopped just outside the room when she heard a familiar giggle. ‘Oh David, no… What about Lauren?’
‘What about her? She’s a nice girl, but Jemma… She’s a girl. It’s just a crush, she’ll grow out of it. I will keep tutoring her though, she needs all the help she can get if she’s…’
‘Oh, Lauren…’
As the apple fell from Lauren’s hand, all the colour drained from her face.

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