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Small Talk


We both throw words on the table
Seemingly meaningless
Reheating recent connection

An almost formed thought
Dances between us
I catch the abstract
Try to reframe it
He nods and in our own way
We both reclaim it

Her eyes don’t match her tone
Not yet
Warm words are offered and she accepts
The gentle heat will make her stronger
Once we’ve heard and held her

“I’m glad”
Sharing photos
Her smile lights her eyes
She shares more small parts
Revealing some of her soul
And we strengthen the collective whole

Her words bounce between us
Gently poking the stronger bonds
Giving permission to be more playful
A reminder that I’m grateful

This small talk
Is bigger than it looks.

On writing and coming home

A couple of people mentioned recently that they have not heard anything from me for a while and they wondered whether I was still writing… The answer is an emphatic yes! I have just been writing elsewhere.

Back in January, I talked about my journey from redundancy to self-employment and before that, I talked about being ‘Present’  and how Writing. People. Poetry had gone from being my tagline to being my ‘brand’. Since then, alongside working with my lovely coaching clients, I have completed a few writing projects, updated my own website, and (finally) started a blog there.

Perfection paralysis

In my first blog over on my website, I talked about how trying to write the perfect blog post paralysed me for seven months! It’s only when I dove into that fear and wrote about it that I was able to overcome it and finally get something out there. Here, it’s different. It’s like coming home. This was my first ever blog. I started it to get moving on my journey and although the destination has changed a little (and may well change again), it has certainly done that! I’m not worried about the odd typo as I know it’ll be forgiven. I’m just sharing my thoughts as they come to me (and this post really is a bit of a stream of consciousness) and that’s ok. If I post every week that’s great. If I don’t post for a few months that’s fine too. It’s just where I am on my journey.

Parenting, poetry and coming home

Lately, I’ve been writing a lot more over at my parenting blog, Mothering Mushroom, as being a parent is a big part of my journey at the moment. I’m sure in time I’ll write less there and more here. It is what it is.

I’m rambling…

What’s my point? Well, really, this is a post for those who said they’d missed me (I’m flattered. Thank you). I’m still here. Take a look at my recent blogs and if you like what you read there, sign up for my newsletter (coming soon! I am working on a free gift for everyone who signs up). If you’d prefer to read about parenting and family life, head over to Mothering Mushroom.

If you came/followed me/signed up here for the poetry, here’s a recent poem for you. I will be writing more poetry and short stories as they come to me and this is where I’ll keep them.

Honest Speaks is my first online ‘home’, and although I don’t live here anymore, I’m not ready to leave it yet. So if I don’t see you at any of my other online homes, let’s meet back here again soon.


Would you, could you..?

Would you wrap me up in a wish you didn’t realise you held
This close?

Could you let your dreams roam free
Walk hand in hand with forgotten ghosts?

Would you break down barriers to get to the other side?

Or would you revert to type
Lay down inside yourself
And hide

Could you let yourself see what you already know, and
Without looking down, could you learn to…

Let Go.

Pass it on


I saw a beautiful man today
He wasn’t much to look at
But his smile revealed his soul
And once I’d caught a glimpse
I didn’t want to let it go

I glanced back, but afraid
He might misunderstand my gaze
I kept my eyes down
Disguised my curiosity with a frown
Didn’t want him to misread my desire to understand as lust
When it was anything but

Unfazed, he returned my gaze
His eyes brimming with joy
At what I don’t know
But I got caught up in this flow
As he re-entered the crowd
Shoulders back, head bowed

Stunned by the serenity
That began to infuse me
I too started to smile
And, after a while
I noticed others responded in kind
Well, those who didn’t mind…

Others were bemused by this
And shrank back almost as though I’d moved in for a kiss
Or more…
Perhaps they were reacting to me as I had to that beautiful man, before

But there was no holding my joy behind a frown
My shoulders back, I did not drop my head down
I walked tall
Wanting to share this feeling, no longer concerned I didn’t understand
Its source or its meaning
I didn’t need to

Its purpose was clear
It’s the meaning of life
It’s why we’re all here

To share our love when it overflows
So that we have something soft to land on when drowning in woe
Those days when managing a smile is nothing short of courageous

On the days you do it without thinking…
Remember your joy can be contagious.

Pass it on.


I am linking up to two writing challenges this week, one new and one old one I haven’t joined for a while!

I’m joining in The Theme Game from Redpeffer for the second week (ahead of the deadline this time!).

Redpeffer The Theme Game

I’m also back in the game with the 100WCGU over at Julia’s Place. To find out more about 100WCGU and read the other entries from this week, click on the image at the end of this post.

This week’s theme is Water  and the 100WCGU prompt is …tea, coffee, hot chocolate or… so the total number of words allowed is 105.


It’s raining again.

Water drops

Image credit: Kangshutters @

I had been trying to get some work done but the rhythmic drumming slowed my racing thoughts and I found myself staring out of the window. After a while the intensity lessened but the music played on in my head as I watched they droplets make their way down the window pane. The streetlight caught the static drops, turning them into tiny stars.

“Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or..?”

“What? I mean, pardon?”

“To drink, Mum? You ok? You were miles away…” She looked at my outstretched arm, frowning.

“I’m fine.” I smiled. Just trying to touch the stars.”

There’ll be puddles tomorrow.