Some more serious microfiction…

Last week, in 100 word humour, I shared some old 100 word stories that I’d forgotten about. I tend to write more serious pieces so it was nice to share some light relief and remind myself that I can be a bit funny sometimes…!

In my last post, I asked you to comment if you’d like to see the more serious stuff and you did (well, Miriam and Tim did)! So, as promised… Please find below my more layered pieces. Hope you enjoy!

An angry salad

Melanie silently stabbed a tomato with her fork.
Jon sighed. “What’s wrong?”
She looked up at him and considered her words carefully.
“This tomato… is angry.”
“The tomato…? Oh, ok… and how about the cucumber, Mel? How do you think the cucumber is feeling?”
“There isn’t any cucumber,” Melanie frowned.
“There is. You just can’t see it under that mountain of rocket and tomato. You don’t even know what the cucumber brings to the salad, do you?” Melanie looked down.
“This salad…” she whispered “…has become too angry.”
“Yes. Yes it has. Well, perhaps you should have ordered the steak.”

Tattoos and Tainted Toasters

She lay, studying the tattoos that, uncensored by clothes, complimented the contours of his body as he prepared breakfast. She wondered at the insecurities that had led him to adorn his body this way. Why not revel in unmarked nakedness, as she did?

Sunday morning sounds gently roused her; the low rumbling of water boiling, the sizzle of fresh bacon under the grill and the Tattooed man, gently humming to himself. Then the toaster popped, mocking her reverie.  It reminded her of that night, made her skin crawl…  Her tattoos were on the inside and she wore them without pride.

Brazen and Bittersweet


I want a word. Gran thinks this is a thank-you email but it’s not. Optimus Prime was a cool Xmas present, but NOT what I asked for. Gran said I could ask for anything, so I did. But you ignored my letter and just got me toys. Good ones, but toys all the same. I don’t WANT toys this year, Santa. I just wanted my parents back. So, if I send everything back, can you send Mum and Dad back? Please? Turn back time, or whatever, but that’s all I want. Everything else is just… stuff.

Thomas G, 7¾

Miriam also set me the challenge of writing 100 words with her title, ‘The Mystery of the Missing Door.’ Coming soon! More challenges welcome and I’ll write each piece in the order requested and email or tweet you when your story is published.


4 responses to “Some more serious microfiction…

  1. Thanks for those stories, Rachael. They caused my tired brain to function. Looking forward to discovering what happened to the door. Or not.

  2. maddy@writingbubble

    They’re excellent! The first was really clever – I want to know more about the subtext! The second lulled me into a false sense of security really nicely and the third was heart-wrenching! Am trying to think of a 100 word prompt… how about “They soared skywards” ?

    • Thanks Maddy! I really appreciate the thoughtful comment and so glad you liked them. I’ll get thinking about your prompt and let you know when I publish the story!

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