Having a good hair day? Feeling strong, sexy, confident… Beautiful? Great!

This is for you…

Having a bad hair/face/body day? Feeling like you’re not enough…?

You. Are.


Listen*, this is for you…

 Just Be.

Just Be You.

Just Beautiful…


*Words by me. Voices are me and Rachael Black. Apologies for the poor sound quality!

6 responses to “Beautiful

  1. Love the recording and the use of two voices. Great poem, what a lovely start to the day! x

    • Thanks Alice! Having two voices is new to me and I enjoyed it – glad you did too! I might even try it again – more collaboratively next time… 🙂

  2. maddy@writingbubble

    Awesome! I LOVE it! In the second half I just had this huge smile on my face! Off to share this now. xx

  3. Lovely post, Rachael! Really enjoyed it, what a great idea. xx

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