Beautiful Misbehaviour | A virtual open mic night

Last month I went to an open mic night without leaving my house.

Stephanie Arsoska, who blogs on ‘poetry, motherhood and the mess in between’ over at Beautiful Misbehaviour,  runs a monthly virtual open mic night where everyone is invited to share their creative work. Most of those who join are poets and mums (not necessarily in that order) but you don’t have to be either! You can read more about the night here.

The night is broadcast live via Google+ Hangouts so when Stephanie first suggested I join in, I wasn’t sure. Although I share my work here and on soundcloud, I haven’t been to an open mic night in… well, a loooong time, and, as far as I know, there are no videos of me performing online. But something made me say yes.

It took a while, what with children being unpredictable I missed a couple but last month I made it! Despite some technical difficulties, and the fact that you can’t really see me – and I couldn’t always see everyone else – I enjoyed myself. Stephanie was a great host and made me feel at ease and, importantly, made me want to come back! It’s an open night, anyone can join – you just need to email Stephanie to let her know you’re interested and take it from there.

Not sure it’s for you? Watch this video of the last one. On this night, everyone else was reading each other’s work and trying to guess whose it was but as it was my first time, I read a piece of my own… If you just want to see me read my poem, ‘Muse,’ I’m at 24.14 (I’ve cut out my crap preamble for you. You’re welcome).

I didn’t like watching it back but I guess that’s a good thing… I can see what was wrong with my reading and do better next time… Because I will be doing this again!

Want to join in? It’s the last Wednesday of every month and the next is on 28 May. Go tell Steph you’re coming!

7 responses to “Beautiful Misbehaviour | A virtual open mic night

  1. Alice Fenner

    Loved your reading. x

  2. That sounds like fun – if you’re a poet and partly housebound. Your reading was good but a bit quiet. I’m sure you’ll have more confidence next time.

    • Thanks! Yes I’m not happy with the reading… But glad I managed to make the night as I almost couldn’t join, which was frustrating… Hopefully next time I’ll have less tech problems!

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  4. I’m totally impressed you did it! I’m really thinking about joining next week, but am very nervous of the whole idea. Having said that, how fantastic to share with others like this-think I need to put my fears aside and just go for it. I can understand why you might be a little quiet the first time round too-it’s all a learning experience isn’t it.

    • Ooooh do join in! They really are a lovely bunch. I’ve done another one since this and it was good fun. If you’re not sure about sharing you could share something short, or just listen in? It’s ‘newbie’ night next week so hopefully you won’t be the only new addition (and I’m hardly an old-timer myself)… I can never guarantee what time I’ll join but shall we tweet that day to see if you plan to join? It would be good to see you there!

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