Pass it on


I saw a beautiful man today
He wasn’t much to look at
But his smile revealed his soul
And once I’d caught a glimpse
I didn’t want to let it go

I glanced back, but afraid
He might misunderstand my gaze
I kept my eyes down
Disguised my curiosity with a frown
Didn’t want him to misread my desire to understand as lust
When it was anything but

Unfazed, he returned my gaze
His eyes brimming with joy
At what I don’t know
But I got caught up in this flow
As he re-entered the crowd
Shoulders back, head bowed

Stunned by the serenity
That began to infuse me
I too started to smile
And, after a while
I noticed others responded in kind
Well, those who didn’t mind…

Others were bemused by this
And shrank back almost as though I’d moved in for a kiss
Or more…
Perhaps they were reacting to me as I had to that beautiful man, before

But there was no holding my joy behind a frown
My shoulders back, I did not drop my head down
I walked tall
Wanting to share this feeling, no longer concerned I didn’t understand
Its source or its meaning
I didn’t need to

Its purpose was clear
It’s the meaning of life
It’s why we’re all here

To share our love when it overflows
So that we have something soft to land on when drowning in woe
Those days when managing a smile is nothing short of courageous

On the days you do it without thinking…
Remember your joy can be contagious.

Pass it on.

10 responses to “Pass it on

  1. This is really beautiful. I recognise that feeling!

  2. Loved this poem. It did bring a smile on my face that I passed on to my family 🙂

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  4. Hi Rachel. I loved your poem so much that I would love to post it on my blog at with a link to this page, if that’s OK with you. Thanks for passing on joy. Your beautiful poem kept me smiling the whole day 🙂

  5. This inspiring poem is so real to people’s feelings at least in my experience…I wish they would interpret our glance as simply & poetically as you did in this enlightening way!
    Life can be as simple & loving as nature flowing inevitably from one season to the other…

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