Do you favourite your favourites?

In the past few weeks, I’ve had a couple of conversations on social media about what it means when you ‘favourite’ a tweet. Do you favourite tweets because they made you think/laugh? Do you use your favourites as a sort of bookmark? Or something else?

'Star Gold' by Danilo Rizzuti

Personally, I tend not to favourite tweets I simply enjoyed/found thought-provoking – I am much more likely to mention, RT and/or reply to these. If I mark a tweet as a favourite, it’s usually because it looks like it links to an interesting article or blog post that I would like to come back to later. I often favourite posts while my son is awake, to remind me to read them once he’s asleep as I don’t get to read anything properly while I’m focused on him. I only even RT or mention posts after reading them. It seems strange to me that someone would mention a whole blog post without reading it first as to me it’s an endorsement but I know that some people do…

I do admit to sometimes favouriting tweets that mention someone other that the person who tweeted, which a friend recently called out as being a bit passive aggressive, although they admitted to doing it themselves. I hadn’t thought of it like that before but can kind of see it. I don’t mind it myself but what do you think? And how do you use the twitter favourite button? Do share your thoughts below, I’d love to hear different views on this!

6 responses to “Do you favourite your favourites?

  1. Rachael, like you, the presence of social media perplexes me as well. Sometimes I just don’t understand its mystery. So I am now writing a story on it, still far from finishing. Hope you’re doing well.

    • Hi Subhan! I really enjoy using social media, especially twitter, as I find it a great way to discover different writers and connect with people who I find interesting… I discovered you via twitter, for example! However I do sometimes think I can spend too much time on this and not enough getting my actual work done so I try to limit it a little to find the right balance. I’ll look forward to reading your social media story!

  2. I sometimes find it frustrating that there no ‘like’ button on twitter like on Facebook. I’ve favourited as a like button before but try not to. I also favourite when there’s a link I haven’t the time to read in real time.

  3. Really interesting, think for me if I ask a question or feel a reply is necessary it seems a little lazy to star!

    • Yes I agree! It seems rude to ignore a question… Although I guess it could serve as a reminder to reply later if one gets 100s of questions a day (I don’t!) and can’t answer them all….

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