It’s the little things…

I remember the chocolates…

This is an old poem, which was published in X magazine back in 2006 and although it first appears that the poem laments the imperfect nature of relationships (which perhaps at the time, was my intention) that’s not how I see it now.

I chose to share this poem here today as on Valentine’s Day, expectations can run high. Some people may be lucky enough to receive grand gestures – ranging from a proposal in house filled with roses to the declaration on Facebook that they are ‘in a relationship.’ However, many of us in relationships will be giving and receiving much smaller tokens, if at all. Is today important? Only if you want it to be… Like most things, it is what you make of it and let’s be honest, relationships can never be summed up with one simple gesture. A box of chocolates, however spectacular, is not representative of the bond between two people.

Heart Shaped Chocolate by Serge Bertasius Photography

Relationships are complicated. I don’t mean that in a Facebook status way (which would be a different post entirely) but in that there are so many strands and seasons over the course of each relationship that when it comes down to it, it’s really the simple things that count.

It’s the simple things

We were both at home
I was working
And you were on holiday
You thought we’d hang out
I reminded you I was working

You nodded and left the room
Spent most of the day upstairs
So as not to disturb me

But your silence seeped through the ceiling
Landed heavy on my shoulders

I stopped to make a cup of tea
Didn’t ask if you wanted one

Later, you came down
Silently, and with your hands over your eyes
Like a toddler who thinks he can’t be seen if he can’t see
You put the kettle on

You tiptoed across the kitchen and then,
Fingers wrapped around the door handle, you whispered
“Just pretend I’m not here”

The corner of your lip turned up
In a half smile

The silence slid from my shoulders.

Image Credit: Heart Shaped Chocolate by Serge Bertasius Photography at

8 responses to “It’s the little things…

  1. “It’s really the simple things that count.” Very true. Have a simple day!

  2. Love this post Rachel, vey genuine and realistic piece of writing. Wish many couples would see things as they are and not the unrealistic view that media protrays.

    My son called me last night and said that he forgot to book a restaurant for his wife today….. I said why what’s happening and he said valentines day… Why is everything fully booked?

    I told him don’t worry about it, you guys always go out and she knows that you love her. My advise to him was stay home and cuddle up your wife over a movie.

    • Glad you like it Paulette! Yes, the media can often be guilty of setting unrealistic expectations of days like today…

      As for your boy (well, man now but he’s still a teenager in my head until I see him each time!), he’s just too sweet. Cuddling up over a movie at home can be way more romantic anyway, in fact a line in a poem I wrote (and performed live on stage!) for Mr B the same year as the chocolates poem was published featured the line ‘You’re a night in with a dvd and strawberry cheesecake ice cream…’ I think those moments are especially sweet when you’re still going out a lot as it makes a change and is more personal than being out with loads of other couples. Hope you’re having a good day and will see you soon, it won’t be long before your nephew is asking for you again! x

  3. Lovely poem. 🙂
    Sexy Hubby and I do like Valentine’s Day, but we do not wait for that day to show the other he/she is loved… xx

  4. Your poems are truly inspiring & brilliant in describing the beauty of life’s simplicity.
    I tend to write my poems in a very dramatic way (I imagine it’s bc I feel strongly the life I’m experiencing) but you have given me the opportunity to see another way where writing quietly can make more noise than the powerfulest note… many thanks 🙂

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