Words for your ears

I haven’t written any poetry for while as I haven’t been paying enough attention to get inspired. This is not an excuse (it would be a pretty poor one if it was), it’s just how it is. I’ve been concentrating on my family, my work and writing a little bit (a tiny, minuscule bit) of my novel. But I am writing. And at the request of a few people, I have also started to upload a few of my older pieces to Soundcloud. Here’s one of them:

Like it? Listen to some more, tell me what you think. Maybe I’ll upload more.

Right, enough about me.

The other day, I met someone in my (now very) extended family (my husband has a massive family – yes big enough to require italicising, honest) who is also a writer. A very, very good one. I was blown away by her words and wanted to share some of them with you, here:

Here’s something she wrote for her parents last year (beautiful, heartwarming stuff):

And here’s a more powerful piece (so powerful I feel I must include a trigger warning):

If you enjoyed Becky’s words, head over to her blog, Β Only See Your Good Side and Thumbing a thought, where she writes a poem every day (that’s right, every day),Β to read more of them.

9 responses to “Words for your ears

  1. Thanks so much for this shout-out! *Blush* πŸ™‚

  2. 1 in 4 is amazing, very powerful.

  3. Rachael, Your voice is lovely. As for the story, it was emotional – the way your voice rose and became anxious along with the story was very moving xx Well done.

  4. This is good, and it is great to hear your voice, Rachael. Happy holidays. Blessings and love to you β™₯

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