A peaceful award (with a lovely rule)!

I recently received this beautiful award from the lovely Summer over at Inner Peace. I was going to write an acceptance blog but I think Summer describes the award best in her own words…

Peace is a free choice, this Award for you to...

I would like to pass this award onto all of you, dear readers, whether you’re a follower who often comments (hello Alice, Christy, Miriam and Subhan), an occasional reader who rarely/never comments (Hi El!), a ‘lurker,’ who reads fairly regularly but doesn’t follow, or someone who never reads blogs but just stumbled upon my page while searching for a picture of a ‘woman running’ (my most popular search term!)…  And anything in between. Thank you all for reading. If you have a blog yourself, feel free to share this award on your page. As Summer says, the only ‘rule’ is that if you pass it on, do so with kind words. So, here are yours, courtesy of Matt Haig (quote taken from The Humans):

“You are more than the sum of your particles. And that is quite a sum.”

and some from me (taken from an old blog post that I think was quite good. Sort of):

“You’re amazing and other people being amazing doesn’t make you any less so. Celebrate their successes and don’t forget to celebrate your own. There is space for all of us to shine.”


5 responses to “A peaceful award (with a lovely rule)!

  1. I love this on: ‘ There is space for all of us to shine. ‘ You said a sweet thing here : ) Thanks for this post.

    Love and Peace, Summer

  2. Alice Fenner

    Hello x

  3. Thanks for the mention, Rachael. I’m not sure I ever have any inner peace, but just now i’m too excited to consider it!

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