Be more

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my recent Give more and Do more posts! Thanks to all of you who took part in the Do more challenge I shared on Valentine’s day, there were some great examples of paying it forward among those who got involved….

There were a lot of people doing lovely things for friends – champagne bought to celebrate a new job, fresh bread rolls baked for dinner and a mood enhancing walk for a friend who was down. There was also some charity/volunteer work and a simple cheerful ‘hello’ to a stranger walking a dog, which got a big smile in return. It doesn’t take much sometimes. I was also on the receiving end of some love myself this past month – a surprise gift from a friend and a lovely compliment from a stranger lifted my mood on an otherwise stressful day.

To all of those who shared their love spreading with me, thank you! Whether you shared or not, if you spent any time spreading the love over the past month, that’s great! Feels good, right..? I’m sure there’s still plenty of love to go around, too.

This past week I have been thinking a bit more about what I’m doing under the Be more heading and, at the moment, it’s not much. I’ve had pockets of time when I have written some small stones as an exercise in mindfulness but it’s not been often and, if I’m honest, I really haven’t done anything else in this category. I certainly haven’t made time for those deep, lung expanding, life fulfilling breaths I talked about last month.

So, although I will continue to Give more and Do more throughout the year, this month my focus is all about Being more. In order to do this I’ll need to take some time out. It’s my birthday next week, and my gift to myself is time. Time to meditate, think, reflect and breathe. I might even do a bit of yoga. This means that I won’t be writing any blog posts here for a couple of weeks. I’ll still be around, I’ll just be a lot quieter than I have been this past month. I have mixed feelings about this as I often feel that I need to be busy, and that other people ‘should’ come first. I expect this leaks through in my tone, if not my actions, with friends and family sometimes, judging by some tough conversations I’ve had recently. So perhaps putting myself first will benefit them just as much as me.

How about you? How do you feel about taking time for yourself? What do you do when everything gets a bit much and you need to take a step back?

When’s the last time you let yourself… Be?

Be  more

Be more

2 responses to “Be more

  1. Seems silly now but I had “Be More” moment and cleaned my garage and set up a video studio. Positive spring air is approaching! Thanks for the tweet! I just noticed it on your widget. (I think Being More first may require sleeping more in my case. Off to bed!)

    • Doesn’t seem silly at all! I often finding cleaning and organising to be a mindful activity so I get it! As for sleep… Yes, I can always do with more of that too..! When spring finally arrives I get by with a little less 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope to ‘see’ you again soon (well, when I start blogging again…)!

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