Milking butterflies

This poem was inspired by ‘Milking butterflies’ is one of the messages on the photo/video upload page. Much more inspiring than ‘loading’ or ‘buffering,’ don’t you think? Thanks for the inspiration, Flickr!

Orange tip butterfly by Tina Negus (via Flickr Creatiev Commons)

Orange tip is milking the snapdragons
She takes her time, fluttering around
Behaving at first as though she’s just here to visit
She stops at the roses, delicately stroking the leaves
Inhaling their scent. No, she’s not stopping here…
Onto the snapdragons she glides
Here, she takes her time
Sipping snapdragon milk as she beats her wings
To an invisible drum.

6 responses to “Milking butterflies

  1. Lovely images. Gently vivid!

  2. Actually I thought this was in reference to short-lived online browser game, where the players’ one of many tasks was milking the butterflies that fluttered about.

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