100WCGU – Week #61: Another headache

Another headache
I woke with another headache, backache and a raging thirst. Something didn’t feel right. Not at all. As I sat up a disembodied voice spoke. ‘Good morning Nadia.’ Where was I? ‘You must be thirsty. Have a drink.’  I drank the water on my nightstand (but was it my nightstand..?) and immediately felt better.  I could hear crying coming from somewhere nearby. A baby..? Instinctively I started to move towards it but as I reached the door music started to play and I had a sudden urge to lie down and sleep. I would investigate the crying later. Perhaps tomorrow.

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11 responses to “100WCGU – Week #61: Another headache

  1. I bet you fight the urge rather than giving in to it! Nice piece 🙂

  2. That’s an ominous start to what could become a very scary thriller! Or is it one of those odd dreams that seems so real? Hmm … so many ways this could go …

    • Rachael 'Honest' Blair

      Ooh, well the story in my head is more of a thriller… but it could easily end with ‘..and it was all a dream…’ Or is it…? You’ve made me think of more ways this could go now, thanks! So many of these entries that I plan to come back to at some point…

  3. You’ve really captured how we feel when we’re badly ill.
    I like the immediacy of the “sudden urge to lie down”, and the hedging of the “perhaps tomorrow”.

    • Rachael 'Honest' Blair

      Thanks! Nadia has actually been drugged but I imagine the result is the same… Interesting the different interpretations of the story, which have made me think of many different ways it could now go…. Another one to come back to!

  4. How very surreal. One wonders how and where she woke up to this offset world.
    Great work!

  5. Jonesingafter40

    Can feel Nadia’s confusion and lethargy overwhelming her. Very compelling piece.

  6. Strange situation! It’s very dreamlike, so I’m left wondering if she woke at all.

    • Rachael 'Honest' Blair

      Hmmm.. It’s supposed to be dreamlike to I’m glad that’s how it read to you. Thanks for reading and commenting

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