Giving thanks


If I half close my eyes
And turn towards the sun
I can see rainbows between my eyelashes

A bird bathes in the fountain
Splashing sunlight around with his wings
It’s getting hot already
I think about diving in to join him

It’s too early
For the drunks who usually occupy this space
So we have it to ourselves, the boy and I

While he sleeps
I slip into the silence
And give thanks for days gone and those yet to come.


6 responses to “Giving thanks

  1. attitude of gratitude…something we all should remember. I like the generic use of the term: boy–it allows him to be anyone to me, and the image you paint is one that’s near universal, these days, I think. (the nice park areas taken over by the less unfortunate) very observant piece. 🙂

  2. Love the optimism at the end. I can see the scene now…

  3. I like the poem.
    It helped me to remember the feeling and sight of seeing light through my eyelashs, and the wish to dive into a fountain to cool off, and of having a place to myself before the usual characters begin to occupy it – which can be both (ahem) “charming” in its own right but great a deterrent to fully appreciatimg the place by yourself and for what it has to offer in of itself without all the usual or unusual characters.

    I also understand Charron’s line of an “ttitude ofgratitude”whcih is always so important in maintaining a daily sense of balance and spirituality. Randy

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