100 WCGU Week #55- Don’t call me Mr Tinkle

Don’t call me Mr Tinkle
‘Mr Tinkle! What are you doing?’
‘I would have thought that obvious. Also, don’t call me Mr Tinkle. My name is Oscar. Today, you can call me Sahara.’
‘You look cute. Did you choose the purple wig because of the poem we read yesterday?’
‘The poem you read, sister. I didn’t like it. Why wait til you’re old to steal, spit and wear purple? And ‘cute’ isn’t the look I was going for. I chose the wig because the blonde one I wanted is hidden away since the litter tray incident…’
‘My baby!’
‘No, I’m not! Put me down woman!’

The above short story was inspired by this week’s 100WCGU, which was to write 100 words based on the image prompt given.

What’s 100WVGU? Click on the button below to find out more and read more words inspired by this prompt.


6 responses to “100 WCGU Week #55- Don’t call me Mr Tinkle

  1. I really like the dialogue! It has that “cat attitude.”

  2. i found this prompt hard and no inspiration so will skip this week but you managed to make it look easy 🙂 such a funny and cute story x

    • Aw thanks! I do tend to favour image prompts so I have challenged myself with this week’s Free Write Friday piece (a word bank!) which I found much harder. Sometimes only having 100 words helps (but not always!). Glad you enjoyed this story!

  3. Now that is quite a relationship they have there! Many thanks for joining in the silliness!

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