Ten people, ten questions – an update

If you haven’t already, you might like to pop back to this time last month and read my original post on this ‘project.’

So far, it’s not exactly gone to plan – well, not at all in fact.

Here’s where I’m at:

Signed up to take part so far I have one friend, one family member, a colleague (potentially – well, I have asked and they haven’t refused. Yet), two volunteers and of course, me.

I have approached someone in the street – well, in the park but that still counts, right? – but she wasn’t online. At all. Not even email. Yes, really. Her kids confirmed this. I have yet to approach someone else but I will do once I have my questions finalised (see below).

So – what’s the hold up? Well, I still need four more volunteers. I thought at first perhaps the idea isn’t interesting enough… Then a lovely twitter friend gave me this helpful feedback:

@Honestlyspeakin Fact is, it’s scary. I can think of questions I wouldn’t want to answer. No even anonymously. Can’t everyone?’

So, I have revised my project to this:

I will ask ten big – but not too scary – questions and offer multiple choice answers, with the option to add any additional info if you’re feeling brave enough/have something to say that’s not really covered by my multiple choice options. Rest assured the survey really will be anonymous, I just thought that this might help those who may be afraid if being identified by their writing style, for example.

Here’s a couple of sample questions:

Do you believe in the death penalty?

Do you vote?

Yes, always
Yes, sometimes
No, and I feel guilty about it
No, I don’t see the point
I don’t care about politics

See, not too scary (right?)…

So far I have seven questions including some from Stylist’s list… I can make up the rest, but before I do – I just wanted to put it out there again… Do any of you have any questions you would like to see added to my ‘survey’? If so, please either leave a comment below, or email me (honestspeaks(at)yahoo(dot)com) – or if you are on twitter, DM me with the hashtag #10questions. The survey will open on Friday 6 July so I will need your suggestions before then.

Which brings me to the final part of this update… As I haven’t had so many volunteers, I have decided to open the ten questions to anyone who would like to answer them. This means you can take a look at all the questions before you decide whether you’re going to take part. Once open, the survey will run for two weeks after which I will take a look at the results, and share them with you here!

Sound interesting? Even if you don’t want to take part, if you’re interested in the results and think other might be – please spread the word and check back here on 6 July for the survey link. Hopefully see you then!

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