100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups

So, this week I thought I would start taking part in Julia’s 100 word challenge for grown ups. To find out more about this challenge, and read other entries, click on the image below.

This week is week #45, so I am rather late to the party – but better late than never right? Julia says we don’t need to include the give text, but if you’re curious, the prompt text is:

There’s a real buzz about this place.

And here’s my offering:

Buddy’s Place 

Buddy blinked. The light was blinding.
The light took the form of a door, and swung open.
‘Buddy! We weren’t expecting you for a while yet!’
‘Ted?’ Buddy backed out and found himself on the street, staring at the shop front ‘Buddy’s place,’ his barbershop, which had closed down back in ’64! He stepped back in, inhaling the familiar smells, and smiling at the low buzz of the radio in the background. So this was…
‘Buddy? Buddy!’ Janet’s voice came over the radio. She sounded frantic.
‘Don’t you dare leave me now!’
Buddy blinked. The hospital lights were blinding.


6 responses to “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups

  1. I like that – it made me think!

  2. Oh wow! Where have you been for the last 44 weeks! 😉 This is super and I’m so glad you found the 100WCGU. Love the ending. I was wondering and had a couple of ideas myself but not that one!

    Not sure how you were allowed to enter two links.It usually only allows one but never mind. Well done for sorting it!

  3. I had to read this twice because once you get to the end you need to re-read it with new eyes. Really clever idea.

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