Monthly Archives: March 2012


Drumming against the window
The rhythm relaxes me

It seems so much louder
When I am out in it
It drums through my clothes
Soaks my skin

Back inside
The sun shines through the window
And light scatters silently across the room

Boiling Water

Tiny bubbles, silent at first,
Grow to noisy bursts of soft sound
Time stands still
I almost forget to add the pasta.


I forgot to post my small stone on Monday so you get two today instead. Apologies to anyone who came by yesterday looking for the promised post!

Rush Hour

A mustard wax jacket with
Courdroy collar and cuffs
Flame red hair
Her primary palette an exclamation mark
Among the muted suits.

Spring cleaning

Hello dear readers. It’s been far too long. I’ve missed sharing with you.

I never intended to be silent for such a long time (I can’t believe it’s been three whole months since my last post) but time just ran away from me for one reason or another. On the one hand, I could say I ‘allowed’ myself to do a bit less, but on the other, I probably sacrificed myself for a while, as ‘doing ‘less’ for the past few months has ended up meaning doing less of the stuff that makes me… Well, me.

I have missed writing. I really have. I haven’t written anything more than a shopping list for 3 months and it feels like a part of me has been asleep, hibernating, perhaps. The recent change in weather seems to have woken up my muse, though, and she is itching to create, and to share.

I have mentioned my feelings about this time of year before. You could say that the new year doesn’t really start for me until the first signs of spring start to appear. That’s the time I start to think about change. New beginnings. I guess that’s kind of in keeping with Mother Nature, no? Not bad company to keep.

So, having let the recent sunshine spring clean my soul, I have finally got round to updating the look and feel of this blog to something a little cleaner, fresher. Because that’s where I’m at. As for the content? Well as its been so long, I have decided to start off with a week of small stones, to get me going. Starting Monday, I will post a small stone every weekday, and then do something different at the weekend. What, I don’t yet know. But I promise there will be something.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you back here next week!